Twisters Defeat Bulldogs In Boys Soccer

first_imgThe Oldenburg Academy Boys Soccer team beat Centerville last night 3-2.Last regular season game of the year for three seniors Luke Weisenbach, Tanner Alley and Aaron Huber at the grave yard. OA started out quick scoring the first 3 goals of the game. But give credit to Centerville as they scored the next 2 goals to make a tight game of it. Final score 3-2 in favor of OA.Luke Weisenbach got us on the board early on a favorable bounce as he launched a ball from 50 yards out that took a OA bounce over the keeper’s head into the net. Huber got the second score with some help from his teammates as he found himself one on one with the keeper. The third goal was the best of the night probably best of the season. Nate Folop took the ball up the right side getting a cross over to the middle where Huber was standing. Huber like most of the year was double teamed he flicked the ball behind him [no look pass] to a waiting Luke [Rooster] Ruter for a wide open shot from the 6 yard line. Folop had his best game of the year as he controlled the middle of the field and gave us ample shots on goal.We were outshot for only the fourth time this year but we had better looks. We left a few easy goals out there last night.Defense played great all but about 2 minutes of the game. Centerville scored with 1;36 left in the first half and scored their second 27 seconds into the second half. The first and last 5 minutes of games is usually where games are won.Final record 9-6-1Sectional’s start next Wednesday at Jac-Cen-Del game at 5pm OA against Jac-Cen-Del.Believe in a three peatCourtesy of Coach Ken Getz.last_img

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