Goliath remains King!

first_imgIN front of a capacity crowd, the Team Mohamed’s enterprise Nissan GTR ‘Goliath’ remained unbeaten on the drag strip, setting a new quarter-mile record yesterday.With a new benchmark time of 8.5 seconds in a quarter-mile, Goliath stood tall.The mechanical issue that plagued the Ekanoo/Magnus Nissan GTR continued into Sunday, and while it did do an exhibition run, it was unable to produce the performance it was known for.Still, Goliath represented the team name well, most notably against the S&D performance Mazda Rx7 which was the most anticipated battle of the afternoon.Goliath was beaten off the line by the S&D Mazda RX-7, but the sheer power of the Team Mohamed’s Machine allowed it to pull alongside three-quarters way down the track.From there on there was no turning back, Goliath crossing the line by just over four-tenths quicker.There were wins for Mark Menez in the 1000cc and 600cc superbikes.Full Results16 second – Vickey Persaud15 second – Ramesh Persaud14 second – Eric watchmen (Suriname)13 second – Raymond John (Suriname)12 second – Avi samaroo11 second – Shawn Persaud10 second – Peter Davy1000cc Bikes – Mark Menez600cc Bikes – Mark Menezlast_img

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