1×1 Alavés: Lucas Pérez, stellar

first_imgXimo Navarro. Already play right back as central, is showing great solvency. Rivals are anticipated, steal important balls and join the attack by the band with a lot of self-confidence. He is at his best this season and the public thanks him.The guard. Kaiser of the defense, imperial. He deactivated Enrich and joined the attack to try to finish off the corner kicks and fouls. He ended up with a sticking plaster on his eyebrow which gave his superb performance even more epic. Either with Magallán or with Ely, it complements perfectly.Magellan. It seemed that Rodrigo Ely could return after his sanction for five yellows but Garitano rewarded the Argentine for his work in Seville. Very good in defensive work, especially head. Precisely, thanks to a stub, he almost scored with a shot almost at ground level.Duarte. Very good but suffering in the first bars with Arbilla boarding schools. He didn’t get much help from the bandmates in defense and had to multiply. Author of a great shot in the final stretch of the game, a left-footed shot that was almost high and that would have been 3-0 at that time.Manu García. It always seems that he will fall from eleven and always ends up playing. Piecework and kilometers of dedication. In the first part he could see yellow card because he chained several fouls in a row and in the second he was reprimanded for an ugly entry to Orellana. Pacheco. Very sure throughout the game, he could not do anything in the goal of Éibar. Well placed, with good footwork and leaving safely from your goal. The sports director of Alavés, Sergio Fernández, claimed the other day his internationality and the truth is that he was not wrong. Fejsa. It is very well placed in the middle center. Play ahead of the defense and life is not complicated. He steals balls and barely loses them. But he prefers to lean on the centrals when he is on his back than to take out the possession played. You will have many minutes for sure, especially when traveling.Aleix Vidal. He returned after not being able to play in Seville for the fear clause and he offered a lot throughout the game. Eibar’s spider web complicated his life but, for example, he actively participated in Burke’s 2-0. He has talent but sometimes he is required more in defensive tasks.Camarasa. He started from half a point behind Joselu and, in the second half when he recovered 4-4-2, he worked as a second half center with Manu. It has quality and it is difficult to lose the ball. It also adds to the attack actions and, sooner or later, will get some goal.Burke. Very active in the first part when his teammates were looking for him in the race for the band. It has an enviable speed tip. 2-0 author with a good shot in the second suit. He received a candid ball and hit it accurately. First both his and Alavés.Joselu. He did not finish much on goal but was instrumental in the victory of Alavés. Lucas’s goal comes after his pass and in Burke’s he passes the ball. It always helps in defense and, when the team clears head corners in defense, it is almost always the centrals, Manu or him who do it.Lucas Pérez. The star of the night. It is ringing to reinforce Barcelona but will not leave if the Catalans do not disburse 25 million. He entered the field to rest and, in less than a minute, got 1-0. Then he participated in the second and was a continuous nuisance for the armored defense.Edgar Mendez. Ovacionado on his return to Mendizorroza. It was offered at all times and had two overflow actions with impressive speed. His arrival and, especially that of Camarasa, offers the team some very interesting variants that Garitano surely takes advantage of.Martin. Last minutes to reinforce the defense with the score at 2-1. He embedded himself on the side and allowed Ximo Navarro to become the third center of a five-defense. He fulfilled his mission and managed to ensure that the Mendilibar team did not get the comeback at the end.last_img

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