Moggi reveals Zidane’s pressure to go to Madrid: “I had to get him out of the locker room …”

first_imgLuciano Moggi, former CEO of Juventus when Zidane played for the Turin team, he was live in a Twitter talk on the Juventibus channel and revealed the pressure that the now Real Madrid coach made in 2001 to sign for the white team. The former manager confessed that he got to remove him from the locker room in a game to make it clear that either Florentino Pérez paid him everything he asked for him or he would continue at Juve.“I took Zidane out of the locker room after the game against Atalanta. He was pushing hard to go to Spain. I told him to inform Florentino Pérez that he would not let him go. So Pérez understood that in order to have him he had to give me a sum in which he would never I had thought “Moggi declared. Zidane ended up dressed in white after Florentino disbursed a record figure until then: 75 million euros (11,500 million pesetas). It is not the first time that the Italian has revealed anecdotes about Zidane’s transfer to Real Madrid. Days after signing the agreement, in the presentation of Thuram as the new Juve footballer, the then CEO wanted to make it clear to journalists that he was Zizou He was in Madrid because the Italian club made the decision to sell him: “Qhe wanted to stay at Juventus holding a role that would dissociate him from the club next year, and under the conditions dictated by him. But since the negotiations are made by society and not by the players, and since he has always expressed his desire to go to Spain, we have decided to transfer it immediately. It would not have been reasonable to have a player here knowing that next year he was from Real Madrid and therefore with his head already in Spain. This fact would have caused Juventus trouble. ” This transfer was the beginning of the idyll between Madrid and Zizou …last_img

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