Guyana’s PNC penchant for dictatorship

first_imgDear Editor,The no-confidence vote toppled the David Granger Administration (APNU/AFC Government); elections were supposed to be held within 90 days of the No-Confidence Motion with the Cabinet resigning and acting as a caretaker Government.The very fact that the Government has not resigned and elections have not been called within the stipulated timeframe is a gross violation of Guyana’s Constitution.All the shenanigans of going to the courts were just acts to extend the life of the APNU/AFC Government, much like awaiting GECOM’s readiness to call elections. GECOM does not decide when elections are called.Guyana currently has a dictatorship. Get up and fight for your rights Guyanese, before it is too late!Yours faithfully,Sean Orilast_img

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