Ne-oh William Releases Hit Single after Recent ‘Best Pop Song Of The Year’ Award…

first_imgNe-Oh William (front). The lyrics to ‘Live your life’ were composed to inspire the poor and those being oppressed.Award winning international Pop Dancehall artist Ne-oh William has been putting in a lot of work, most especially since the late multi-talented Quincy B passed away in 2017. And there is a reason why we’re mentioning this.He recently released a certified single track called ‘Live Your Life’ ft JUPITER (award winning dancehall superstar from Ghana) and produced by BRAINY BEATZ, a well known award winning Producer and member of the HIGH GRAIN FAMILY (HGF), led by the living legend SAMINI.The song has already landed itself on Sierra Top 10 and is considered to be ‘a bombshell in the music industry,’ by critics. Its catchy, starts off popish and later transforms itself into a bit of reggae ragga flow.“Live your life, live your life, live your life/ don’t let nobody under rate you…”‘Live your life’ has quickly become a hit track around the Globe and is being premiered in Liberia, Ghana, Sierra Leone, America and Europe. The song’s network is quickly expanding and expected to rotate in Nigeria and South Africa as well.According to Team Ne-oh William, Quincy B was associated with Standout Entertainment GH, headquartered in Volta Region.The lyrics to ‘Live your life’ were composed to inspire the poor and those being oppressed.“And also to pave way for the ‘big’ homecoming tour by Team Ne-oh William and Quincy B coming soon,” he shared.“Ne-oh William and Leroy P Banong and our team are planning a homecoming soon to meet the fans and the rest of our team. We hope to get support from everyone in the industry to make MAMA LIBERIA proud,” he added.Since LIB Life last interviwed the pop/dancehall artist, there has been a lot of positive changes and improvement in his career.Replaced behind the once baggy jeans and dancehall presena is now a more grounded artist who knows exactly what he wants out of the industry.Ne-oh William has pushed out some really good hits like ‘ALERT’ Ft King Ali Ababa (Jamaican Dancehall Superstar), ’TURN UP’ Ft Quincy B (the young legend R.I.P), ‘MONEY BEEN CALLING’ Ft Soulfresh (L.I.B superstars) ‘LOVE IS COVER DIFFERENT’ (migraine Riddim by Brainy Beatz), ‘BABY SHAKE’, ‘TAKE ME TO YOUR MAMA’, and the list goes.Ne-oh William was nomianted by the Liberian Music Awards (LMA) two years ago and recently won Best Pop Song of the month and later to Best Pop Song of the Year by Akademia on April 19, 2018, adding himself to the list of Liberians who have also won Akademia awards in the past.Douk De Lib, won himself the Akademia Music Award for ‘Best World Beat Music Video’ in December 2015. DJMWB, Lester David, also won the 2016 Akademia awards for best Rap/Soul Artist for his hit single “Self Made” in Los Angeles, California.The Akademia is a premier artist recognition and development firm that owns and operates a vast network of radio stations, press syndicates, video channels and other media sites designed to take artists from relative obscurity to commercial success.The Akademia award 2018 described Ne-oh William as “having the kind of vocals that could render just about any song in oeuvre with immaculate tonality.”Its radio division sent Ne-oh a notation saying, “your song ‘Put In Work’, has continued to receive an increasing positive response in its latest months on rotation at various radio stations. We recently met with our program directors to discuss your single and are pleased to inform you that we’ve secured rotation of your song, ‘Put In Work’, on the following additional 15 radio stations starting April 1.”Meanwhile, LIB Life asked Ne-oh William about his once ‘close’ relationship with the late QB. Ne-oh can be heard in all of the outro of his recent songs tributing Liberia’s fallen star.According to Ne-oh, he put his career “on the side and planned to push the late QB by placing him first in everything” he did, before the lad passed.“He was like a brother to me and it wasn’t just about the music thing, I cared about everything that had to do with him. We always checked on each other if we didn’t hear from each other,”“the morning he passed, we spoke that night, i told him I was going to the coffee store and would call him back.I was in shocked because i never saw his death coming and never got an answer when i did,” Ne-oh sadly recalled.Ne-oh’s social media pages showed the artist being rushed to the hospital after getting the news that his music partner had passed away. Their relationship was that ‘strong’.“We had the same mind, the same vision and how we wanted our music to sound and what we wanted to do for the Liberian industry as musicians,”Not to mention that the two were ‘very good’ friends, Neoh says the late QB was not just that, but they inspired one another on a daily basis, mustering ways to dominate the market.“I was working on a lot of things and was planning on sending him some beats to cook up some more songs. Everything that is happening now in my career was supposed to be headed by Quincy B. All the music, promotion, and our songs playing in other countries,”Eveeyone knows Quincy B had a bright future and the dream he had for his career was a big one.Ne-oh says he tried to help the late QB’s dreams come true.“I took advantage of my financials to help him out, even though there were other people helping, but it still wasn’t enough for the kind of things he wanted to accomplish,“We shared the same beats, instrumentals and shared the same idea on promotions and getting play. That’s why I wanted to get him to Ghana so we could start the same movement. Even though he worked with people, he had his own label called Team Quincy B and I have my own, Team Ne-oh, so we joined it together and have members in Liberia.“He was planning to switch to afro-dancehall music because we wanted to get people into the dancehall music and that was the whole thing. He will be forever missed,” added the star.Ne-oh William and Leroy P Banong his right hand man and partner, are now dedicated to taking Liberian dancehall music international and has done that with his recent hit track.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img

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