Induction in B.C. Sports Hall of Fame a chance to thank everyone for Morrison

first_imgFort St. John’s Denny Morrison officially had his impact on the history of British Columbia sports recognized as he was inducted into the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame last week. The multi Olympic and World Cup medallist will now have his name alongside the greatest athletes, builders, and media members to have come from the province.The event was first class all the way for Morrison and his family as he expressed his gratitude to Sport B.C. for not only for the nomination, but for the way he and his family were treated leading up to the induction.“It’s a really cool honour that you get from Sport B.C. and they invite your family and everything,” he said. “They really make you feel like you’ve achieved something. Not just me but also made my family feel like VIPs and I really appreciate that because my family is a huge part of it too.”- Advertisement -As for the induction itself Morrison made a point of making sure he thanked everyone who has played a part in his career, as well as those in attendance“I thanked everyone in the room because it was quite a neat feeling to be in that room full of athletes, or other inductees, or honorary members who have been inducted in the past who come out to the dinner. They’re equally as passionate about sport as I am.“I distinguished between teammates and support staff because everyone is a part of the team. Obviously my parents were in the crowd so I thanked them and said a piece about how they’ve supported me through the years.”Advertisement When it comes to his injuries and the road ahead in a comeback, Morrison learned recently that aside from the broken leg he suffered in a motorcycle accident last month, he also has a torn ACL in his right knee. The good news is that when it comes to speed skating the ACL isn’t as key as it is in sports such as basketball or football. As his femur heals, doctors have advised him to eventually get back on the ice to see how he copes with the ACL injury.The goal for this week according to Morrison is to try to walk normally without a limp. He’s at the stage in his recovery where he is seeing improvement every day.Morrison is hopeful he’ll still be able to skate this upcoming season. Morrison also expressed his appreciation of the work done by Speed Skating Canada, and the B.C. Speed Skating Association for providing an avenue to get to the Olympics, and to the B.C. Sports Hall of Fame for being in existence to support and celebrate sports in the province.With having as many medals and achievements Morrison does no one could blame him if the desire to keep on competing was starting to fade. That’s not the case for him however as he’s still in love with the sport, and hopes to work with the younger skaters on the national team as he rehabilitates from his injury.“It’s a great question but I just love speed skating. I love the challenges that it makes you face. Every race is truly a fearful moment. I’ll finish that race and I’ll get sick to my stomach, or I’ll have to put my legs up or I won’t be able to stand, or I’ll be on the podium and I’ll be delirious and I’ll wave to the crowd and almost faint.“That’s what I love about speed skating. That’s what’s left for me to do is to continue my passion for the sport. At this point in my career my sports psychologist, my coaches, and especially because I’m injured they want me to act more as a mentor to the other athletes on the team and perhaps share any of my experiences with them that may help them.”Advertisementlast_img

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