ECM: Mitigating Information Overload

first_imgGuy Creese from the Burton Group has a great article on DMReview called Information Scarcity to Information Overload.Creese breaks down ECM functionalities into six categories and then classifies the categories as either being driven by Information Scarcity or Information Overload.Creese rightly observes that we’ve moved into an information age where both the trivial and important are being documented and saved, creating massive amounts of information that need to be managed.  Because of this overload, Discovery, Archival and Analytics have emerged as hot areas in the world of ECM/Information Management.The need for Discovery is driving Search technology to evolve.  Archival and Records Management is being driven by Compliance regulations.  Analytic tools help assign value to content and provide better understanding of how content is being consumed.Creese refers to Creation/Capture, Storage and Distribution as elements of the ‘first wave’ of content management applications, and talks about a shift in focus to technologies to mitigate Information Overload.  Clearly the ‘Information Overload’ technologies Creese identifies are evolving and are important components of ECM systems.But other activities within the ECM space aren’t at a standstill.  Capture and Storage are two good examples of ‘first wave’ technologies that are continuing to evolve at a rapid pace.last_img

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