Apple wants you fit with the iPhone 6 and Watch

first_imgWith Apple’s official launch dates rolling in for the iPhone 6 and the Apple Watch, hungry fanboys are going to line up and tent down. Apple’s newest products though seem to have better plans for their users. The primary health accessory is the Apple Watch which will be competing along with the Moto 360 and Gear S. This is Apple’s most interesting device from the recent launch event because it is an arrival into the wearable category. Health conscious timepieceThe Watch packs in a host of features that distinguish it from run of the mill fitness accessories and health monitors. the Apple Watch comes with a built in heart rate monitor that sits at the back. Keeping track of body vitals in real time is essentially a matter of looking towards the wrist. A gyroscope and built in accelerometer make the Watch a perfect companion for walkers, runners and cyclists who need to track movement and distance. the Fitness app included in the Watch can tell users of their calorie expenditure along with running countdowns to set goals.The Workout app breaks activities further into Cycling, Cross Training and Running for specific details. Since third party apps are supported on the Watch, the usual pick of the lot like Endomondo Fitness Tracker,  MapMyRide etc will also have additional features in store. Controlling music, placing quick calls and alerting near ones in case of emergency can be quickly accomplished with the scrolling ‘Digital Crown’ or through voice commands. An aluminium casing coupled with ‘Ion-X’ glass make the Apple Watch Sport an especially rugged device that can be taken out for the tumble. This version is 30 percent lighter than the standard Apple Watch. advertisementSmarter iPhoneThen there’s the iPhone 6 itself which comes with an upgraded M8 motion co-processor and the addition of a barometer which measures elevation changes, useful for Cross Trainers and elevation based fitness. The iPhone 6’s Ion-strengthened glass is supposed to be sturdier and more resistant to drops and impact than ever before.The Apple Watch is expected early next year at $349 in the US. The 16GB version of the iPhone 6 is set at $649.last_img

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