East Timor approves key regulations on public transport broadcasting

Describing both regulations as “important for the future of an independent East Timor”, the Council will now recommend they be considered and approved by UNTAET chief Sergio Vieira de Mello.According to the media regulation, the Public Broadcasting Corporation (PBC) will be independent and include national television and radio stations to replace the networks currently run by UNTAET. The PBC aims to provide innovative, high-quality broadcasting that will include impartial and balanced newscasts, as well as cultural and educational programming.The regulation had important financial implications, the Council noted, adding that means for funding the PBC must still be found.The regulation on the framework for the Public Transport System, meanwhile, creates a set of rules for the functioning of public transport and the movement of goods and passengers.In other action today, the Council also reviewed and adopted a Land Acquisition and Resettlement Policy Framework in the context of grant agreements between the East Timor Transitional Government and the World Bank, and another document on the respective guidelines for its implementation.The major goal of this new policy is to guarantee that the affected displaced people maintain their livelihood, UNTAET said.The Council also approved the planning of meetings of its budget subcommittee, which will be responsible for making detailed considerations and recommendations on all proposed appropriations by the various ministries.

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