Kinect bounty won open source drivers created

first_imgLast week open source kit selling company Adafruit Industries set a challenge offering $1,000 to anyone who could develop a set of open source drivers for Kinect. When Microsoft complained Adafruit increased the bounty to $2,000. And then they increased it again to $3,000.It seems $3,000 was enough to spur someone on to create such drivers, and Hector Martin was that guy. His solution can be found here, and Adafruit has verified it as working.AdChoices广告The funny thing is, Hector doesn’t even own an Xbox 360, although he did buy a Kinect on launch day. The solution was formulated on a Linux laptop and uses OpenGL.The $3,000 reward is being split between a number of people Hector works with in the iPhone and Wii hacking communities. His reason for doing so is simple:They don’t have much expendable income to buy tools and devices to hack, and sometimes this hobby can be a bit expensive, this will be a good investment that will allow them to hack more and newer devices. A further $2,000 is being awarded to the Electronic Frontier Foundation because Adafruit believes:They defend our digital rights, our right to hack, reverse engineer and do things like this project. From the start of this effort Microsoft said they were going to “work closely with law enforcement and product safety groups to keep Kinect tamper-resistant” – if they did (or still plan to) the EFF would likely be our only hope (yours too). Adafruit now view this as a starting point for the creativity to flow. Kinect has been opened up for the masses to experiment with and they are expecting robots, art, science, and education projects to start popping up.Read more at the Adafruit Industries blogMatthew’s OpinionIn the video Hector states that the Kinect is “surprisingly easy” to interface with. That’s very good news for anyone wishing to experiment with the device as it means fewer barriers to actually getting a project up and running.There’s certainly a lot of hardware to play with inside the Kinect. As we saw in the iFixit teardown there’s 15 chips and a cooling fan required to keep everything cool.What can Microsoft do now? Not much. They made it tamper proof, but then nothing is ever completely resistant to a determined hacker. I don’t think Microsoft has much to worry about, though. This isn’t going to make it possible to play pirate Kinect games, or destroy sales for Xbox 360. It’s just a new gadget hackers can now experiment with.last_img

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