Sanwa makes an attractive wedge of a Windows only multitouch mouse

first_imgAt October’s big Back to Mac event, Steve Jobs explained Apple’s logic in not introducing multitouch displays to their laptops and desktops even as they embraced it in mobile devices. According to Jobs, multitouch is meant to be horizontal: trying to do it in a vertical configuration for long periods of time just leads to shoulder pain and the so-called condition of “gorilla arm….” which is why Apple is concentrating on bringing touch to Macs with products like the Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse.We think Steve Jobs has a point there, and so it’s nice to see some other mice makers taking the same approach to desktop multitouch under Windows as Apple is taking with the Mac. The latest peripheral maker to join the multitouch game is Sanwa, who have just rolled out an attractive multitouch mouse called the MA-TOUCH1 that talks to your computer via a wireless nano dongle. Features include four-direction scrolling, two-finger swipe support and, of course, the usual left, right and middle clicks.I think it’s a more attractive mouse than the Magic Mouse, and you can choose colors from black, red, silver and white. Intriguingly, it’s a Windows only product, despite the fact that the Mac already supports the gestures needed to make it work. Daringly exclusive!Read more at Akihabara Newslast_img

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