Blade Runner introduction reimagined using 3300 watercolor paintings

first_imgThe 1982 sci-fi cult hit Blade Runner currently exists in seven versions. These include the US theatrical version, the Director’s Cut, the Final Cut from 2007, and a few others. Each of these contain subtle changes, some of which have huge implications for the story, most notably Deckard’s unicorn dream. While those differences are really just something for the super fans to argue over, artist Anders Ramsel has made a change that is much more noticeable: he’s gotten the first 12 minutes of the movie and recreated it in watercolor.Known as the “Aquarelle Edition,” the first part of the movie’s recreation is made up of 3285 aquarelle (a type of water color) paintings created over the course of 11 months. These paintings loosely depict scenes in the movie, with the artful style of watercolor and a more vibrant palette than was used in film. The paintings lend an dreamy style to the movie which are both unnecessary but also, at times, perfectly appropriate. Ramsel apparently intends to do the whole movie like this — only 111 minutes or about 30,400 frames to go!The ending, when Deckard is talking to Batty in the rain, will clearly be the high point. It’s got the rain, great colors, and incredible sound… so I can’t wait to see that in watercolor. It’ll take a few years to Ramsel to get to that points, unless if he enlists the help of a few more sci-fi loving painters.While Blade Runner didn’t need to be remade in watercolor — this is no way to watch the entire movie — it is an incredibly cool art project and well worth checking out.Youtube, via Sun TimesYou’re in a desert, walking along in the sand when…last_img

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