Performance shows many faces of domestic violence

first_imgDomestic violence made a shocking appearance in Vancouver on Wednesday — stalking into a crowded ballroom, screaming and singing, relating dreadful tales of battered women and children, their abusers and the people who just look the other way. And laughing.“I am domestic violence. I am everywhere,” announced Wambui Bahati, an actress and author who brought a version of her one-woman show to the annual fundraising banquet of the YWCA Clark County. “Everybody is always trying to pretend they don’t know nothing about me, pretend I don’t even exist. I can literally get away with murder.”The event packed the main ballroom of the Hilton Vancouver Washington. But the startled silence in that crowded room was unmistakable as Bahati changed costumes and introduced the audience to a parade of desperate characters. Most were victims of domestic violence but a few were batterers and enablers. Like George, a self-described “player” who “only tells them what they need to hear” while isolating his numerous girlfriends from their friends. Like stressed-out factory worker Frank: “Yeah, I hit my wife sometimes. But she knows I love her.”Then Bahati became Frank’s wife, Margaret. “Don’t you think I think about leaving him, every day?” she protested. “With four children, where would I go? He would find me, and he would just be angrier.”And then she was their fourth-grade daughter, who said she tries “not to talk too much about what happens in our house. We just try to do everything right so Daddy won’t get mad.”last_img

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