From mothers lap to death

first_imgThe inconsolable family members of 19-month-old Tamim, who was ran over by a covered fan on Monday. The photo was taken at Kushtia General Hospital. Photo: Prothom Alo.A 19-month-old boy was killed in a road accident on the Kushtia-Ishwardi Highway on Monday.The accident took place when a motorcycle the baby, Tamim, and his parents Alfaz and Tamanna were on, lost control after its front wheel got into a pothole. The boy, who was in the lap of its mother, fell on one side of the vehicle while its parents fell on the other side. A covered van then ran the baby over.Family sources said Tamim’s parents were taking him to a doctor when the accident took place. Both his parents fainted on the scene seeing the horror before their eyes.Witnesses said all the vehicles were moving slowly as the highway is full of potholes.Police have detained the covered van’s driver and his assistant, but they have denied any wrongdoing, saying the dilapidated condition of the road is to blame.last_img

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