Dedicated Minecraft players recreate Death Star trench run

first_imgParadise Decay’s YouTube page, via Escapist For those of you who play the indie smash-hit Minecraft, you have the ability to appreciate the amount of work and time that went into making the video below. A user named “Paradise Decay” set out on a four month project to recreate the Death Star trench run at the end of “A New Hope” in-game, using no mods or add-ons. The result is an impressive piece of work that is to be admired by geeks around the world.Paradise Decay does note that while he did his best to recreate everything seen in the video by hand, he did need to use a schematic for the long shots of the Death Star, as well as the final set of the video. Even then, the dedication required to construct this design over a four month period is incredible. Perhaps even more impressive, he didn’t use any cheats to get the project done. To prove that he did indeed do it the hard way, there is a ten minute video in addition to the feature, you can check both out below.AdChoices广告The project took him an incredible 4-5 months, during which he worked on it for a few hours a day. That was in between work, DJing, and spending time with his family (apparently some people poked fun at the amount of time he spend making this and Paradise Decay got defensive).If you are unfamiliar with Minecraft, first what rock have you been hiding under, second it’s an independently created video game that allows players to create whatever their minds can dream up out of the world’s near endless supply of voxels (3D pixels). In this game, the sky isn’t the limit, but rather ones creativity. The title has been wildly popular with 17 million downloads and counting. The ability to create a server that your friends can join from anywhere in the world plus the surprisingly deep game play experience has brought the obscure title into mainstream thinking. Players can construct buildings and structures either by hand, or using a schematic that someone else has put the time into and uploaded to a repository.last_img

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