Tips on age management

first_imgAnjali Hooda Sangwan, consultant, Obesity, Metabolic medicine and Clinical Nutrition, New Delhi suggests these fitness mantras to keep the age clock at bay. These good-life rules are a must for every person who is in their mid-30’s and wants to have a fit lifestyle. The thumb rule is to ‘Seek good company, eat right to balance hormones and exercise’.She implies the changing dietary patterns of the body, and how they change with age, reflecting on the need to cut down on gluten and dairy products. According to her, as age advances, the body metabolism has difficulty in processing heavy calories and gluten as they are particularly hard to digest. So one should avoid having foods rich in calorie and gluten and should rather take easily digestible food grains like ragi, jowar and quinoa. Wheat and rice are not recommended as they spike insulin. Excessive sugar increases body insulin levels and is also very hard to metabolize with age. Anjali recommends natural sugar supplements like dates and figs as a better and healthier alternative.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Along with abstaining from high calories, one must take ample amounts of nutritious nuts, seeds, fruits, vegetables, both plant and animal based proteins to balance the hormonal levels of the body. Not only a balanced diet, but a person needs a long term sustenance plan as body muscles age with a person’s age. Proper training under the supervision of a professional trainer is required to plan out a proper regime. As they say, for a healthy life, the combination of mind, body and soul should work in perfect tandem. One must seek the company of positive people to life their spirits and engage in hobbies like Sudoku to keep the brain healthy. Complimenting the natural diet with supplements is a must as the body needs calcium, Vitamin D and fish oil in the right amount, especially in women where loss in calcium is a common phenomenon with age.With all the routine and regime taken care of, a regular health check is mandatory. One must have regular visits to the doctor and get appropriate cancer screening test like pap smears and mammogram done on time along with keeping regular tabs on blood-pressure.last_img

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