January 11 2012This continues our report from 16

first_imgJanuary 11, 2012This continues our report from 1/6/12 about a group of students from KCAI, KANSAS CITY ART INSTITUTE, visiting Arcosanti for a two week intensive program in art and science.The group is lead by Professor Russel Ferguson, who is an Arcosanti alumnus and now Director of School of the Foundation Year at KCAI, KANSAS CITY ART INSTITUTE.Participants are:Sandra Bojanic, Illustration junior;Oliver Clark, Sculpture sophomore;Trent Coffin, Animation junior;Maylynda Eshleman, Photography senior;Kendell Harbin, Printmaking senior;Mavet Miller, Ceramics junior;Andrew Ordonez, Painting junior;Andrew Ozier, Illustration junior;Joey Watson, Ceramics sophomore;Issey Howe, Sculpture sophomore;Max Newman, Sculpture sophomore;Molly Ryan, Ceramics sophomore;Kahil Irving, Ceramics sophomore;Frederick Voder Bruegge, Painting junior;Shane Lutsk, Ceramics sophomore;Will Meipu, Painting junior;Jules Itzoff, Illustration junior.[photo by Jeff Stein] Also included are: Three sessions in the Soleri Archives to view original materials and scroll drawings. Here is the group with Soleri Archive photographer David DeGomez, who is explaining his set-up and method. ‘Greenhouse research’ presentation with Roger Tomalty. A day trip to Oak Creek Canyon.Several meetings with Paolo Soleri.Participation in an Erosion Control workshop.A talk with new Cosanti Foundation President Jeff Stein.Tour and supper and a lecture at Taliesin West.Tour of the Dome House.Visit to Cosanti.This report continues.[some of the text: Russel Ferguson] The two-week visit is packed with lectures, work sessions and tours. Activities include: Daily work sessions, drawing the Ceramics Apse, the Vaults, the East Crescent complex and the Foundry.‘History of siltcasting and construction at Arcosanti from 1970 until 1974’ with Cosanti Foundation instructor Roger Tomalty. Riparian tour of the Agua Fria riverbed with Roger Tomalty.last_img

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