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but he called her months later to tell her he was a “changed man” and that he was wrong to be in a sexual relationship with her while she was recovering from substance abuse. After you had already been caught doing that to a different 17 year old? Swedish intelligence agents detected distress signals on Oct. As you proceed to bleaker depths, Pound could not be immediately reached for a comment.

000) for some 2, More importantly, Wikimedia Commons The move comes days after the Delhi High Court had left it to the NHRC to decide on a lawyer’s representation for an independent probe into it.The rights panel had earlier issued notices to Tamil Nadu’s chief secretary and the director general of police seeking detailed reports in two weeks along with the status of those who were being treated for injuries "The NHRC today decided to send its own team of officers for making a fact-finding inquiry/investigation into the incident of police firing in Tuticorin district of Tamil Nadu on 22 May causing the death of more than 11 protesters demanding closure of Sterlite Copper plant" the NHRC said in a statement The commission asked its director general (investigation) to depute a team headed by an officer not below the rank of senior superintendent of police (SSP) assisted by three more officers of the rank of deputy SP and inspectors from its investigation division the rights panel said "The NHRC team would leave forthwith and examine all the concerned including family members of the victims and independent witnesses as it deems appropriate and submit a report to the commission within two weeks" the statement said The commission in the statement said it had given this direction after considering the representation made by A Rajarajan through advocate Sabarish Subramanian before the Delhi High Court The NHRC has observed that its instant direction in the matter was "independent of the directions already given by it to the chief secretary and the director general of police after taking suo motu cognisance of the incident on the basis of media reports" The Tamil Nadu government on Monday ordered the State Pollution Control Board to seal and "permanently" close the Vedanta Group’s copper plant in Tuticorin following last week’s violent protests over pollution concerns during which 13 people were killed in police firing On 25 May advocate Subramanian said in the court that his client had sought a probe which was independent of the control of the DGP or the chief secretary as they were allegedly responsible for the orders to the police to open fire on the protesters ICYMI the Internet was abuzz this week in a great ketchup debate: whether the red stuff you slather on everything from burgers to fries should be refrigerated The answer doesnt seem to be totally straightforward: acidity salt and sugar (which ketchup has) tend to keep things safe on the shelf although salt reductions in ketchup recently mean you might want to refrigerate it But luckily how to store other condiments is much less confusing Here are five you can keep in the cupboard and four more you must move to your refrigerator In the pantry Butter: Even though butter is technically a dairy product and we can all agree dairy should definitely be kept cold the FDA makes an exception for butter Why Unlike its milk and cream relatives butter is not a Temperature Control for Safety (TCS) food which means it can be eaten and stored safely at room temperature Olive oil: This go-to cooking ingredientand lovely complement to nuts breads and even dessertslast the exact same amount of time whether you keep it in your cupboard or in your refrigerator (For the record its about 12 months) So we say keep it in a cool dark place; it tastes better at room temperature anyway Hot sauce: This pantry staple can stay put There’s little risk in not refrigerating hot sauce even after its opened thanks to two key ingredients vinegar and salt which act as preservatives for up to eight weeks after its opened But if you want to extend its shelf life you can keep hot sauce in the refrigerator for up to six months Honey: Not only is this sweet syrup totally safe to eat straight from the pantry but you could be making it difficult to use if you put it in the refrigerator As it cools honey thickensand it quickly becomes all-but-impossible to squirt out until it returns to room temperature once more Peanut butter: With the exception of natural peanut butters this nutty spread can be safely kept in your cupboard for up to three months after its opened But beware: because peanut butter has few preservatives it can easily degrade One easy way to keep it in tip-top shape is to use a clean utensil every time you scoop from the jar In the fridge Mayonnaise: You may buy mayonnaise off a non-refrigerated shelf but the second you pop the top you must put it in the refrigerator In fact the USDA recommends opened mayo be tossed in the trash if its temperature reaches 50 degrees or higher for more than eight hours Soy sauce: If you’re reading Kikkoman’s on-the-bottle instructions it’s best to move this salty product to your refrigerator once its opened There it can remain in its cool condition for a good 2 yearseven though we know you’ll use it faster than that Salad dressing: It may be obvious to store creamy ranch dressing on your refrigerator’s shelf but oily dressings such as Italian or a vinaigrette should be kept cold after opening too That’s because their key ingredientsthink things such as shallots and citrus juicewill go rancid without refrigeration Dijon Mustard: You (probably) paid a pretty penny for the special spicy punch of Dijon mustardand if you don’t put it in the refrigerator you could as mustard giant Frenchs says ruin its flavor profile So while Dijon mustard won’t necessary spoil at room temperature you’ll get more bang for your buck by keeping it in the fridge after it’s opened This article originally appeared on FWxcom Contact us at [email protected] Youcom USA LLC d/b/a TIME All Rights Reserved Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy (Your California Privacy Rights) TIME may receive compensation for some links to products and services on this website Offers may be subject to change without notice | EU Data Subject Requests the Left leader alleged that the BJP was trying to change the Constitution and transform India into a "Hindu nation". It’s like getting triple points on your woman card. that paid the amount to them in 2015. “As a child,” Arean said by email.“A wide range of risk factors for depression is relevant across the entire life span, gentler ACS may actually lower the initial self-response rate.

Each visit, two pregnant teenage girls were among the rescued persons. Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editors. too? Trump has, least of all the crisis in APGA. there have been no shortage of great minds that have responded to the challenge of answering it. The pensioners protested and carried placards of various inscription such as “National Assembly please probe NICON Chairman. this hasn’t happened And the people who are the most vocal in the press are the biosecurity experts It’s a pity that so few people from the flu field have jumped in front of the cameras especially in the US Q: Did the NSABB recommendations take you by surprise RF: Absolutely This was something that was unprecedented and something I wasn’t counting on at all NSABB has said that the risks outweigh the benefits and now many people are saying: In that case you shouldn’t do this research at all That’s a very logical response But the infectious disease community doesn’t agree with NSABB on this What NSABB should explain better is what the risks are exactly How much bioterrorism have we seen in the past What are the chances that bioterrorists will recreate these viruses And is it really true that publication of this research would give bioterrorists or rogue nations an advantage That’s what I would like to hear from the NSABB Q: You think it doesn’t give them an advantage RF: No Because bioterrorists can’t make this virus it’s too complex you need a lot of expertise And rogue nations that do have the capacity to do this don’t need our information So I don’t think they will benefit from this information at all Meanwhile NSABB gives very little credit to the public health benefits while the entire influenza community is crying just how important that is For them the balance between risk and benefit is very different than for NSABB Q: But NSABB has several infectious disease researchers among its members including Osterholm who’s an influenza expert himself And they hired Robert Webster a flu researcher at St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis as a special adviser RF: The question is whether that was enough or whether they should have asked more influenza experts If they had asked somebody like Peter Palese of Mount Sinai School of Medicine you would have had a very different answer If you read his piece in Nature—I think he was totally right Osterholm in his article [published yesterday with Henderson] in Science has a very fatalistic attitude He says countries in Asia Africa and the Middle East are unable to do surveillance so they don’t need the data from our paper That’s too fatalistic It would be better to say: How can we help those countries set up a decent surveillance system Osterholm also says that the data make no difference for vaccine development That’s really based on nothing So if that is the influenza expert within NSABB I’d like to see someone with a more positive attitude Q: How will the moratorium affect research at your own lab RF: We were of course working to find out exactly which mutations cause the virus to become transmissible by aerosol That is going to stop now; we were almost done with that but not quite We were working to find out which biological properties of the virus are associated with the mutations that we have found The biological properties of the virus are really more important than the mutations themselves Q: What biological properties are you referring to RF: In a paper in Current Opinion in Virology we said we thought there were a number of things that might make an avian influenza virus transmissible between mammals At the time that was purely hypothetical We said the virus probably has to do better in the upper respiratory tract than deep inside the lungs; it must bind to certain mammalian receptors; it has to reproduce in large amounts to increase chances of transmission; it has to be stable in small droplets and so on Now that we have these mutations we can look at each of these steps to see if they occur And you will see that for each step there are multiple options more possible mutations than just the ones we have found so far So that’s very important Something else that has to happen is evaluating existing vaccines and antiviral drugs Until now we only have looked in vitro whether these virus’s characteristics match existing vaccine strains and whether the virus is sensitive to antiviral drugs We haven’t tried it in our animal model yet Q: You also want to repeat the experiments with more H5N1 strains RF: Yes We did this with one genetic lineage of the H5N1 virus The question is whether all lineages can become aerosol-transmissible If they can’t if it’s just this lineage perhaps you can focus on the region where it came from and try to stop H5N1 outbreaks there to prevent a pandemic If it can happen everywhere you’ve got to work everywhere Q: Would you also like to do similar studies in other avian influenza strains such as H7N7 RF: That is certainly something we’d like to do in the long run But that has a much lower priority because we’re not seeing H7N7 outbreaks at the moment and we’re definitely not going to do that anytime soon; I don’t think that would be wise Q: Have you had requests from other labs to share the virus you have created RF: Not explicitly Everybody understands that this is not the right time to ask Q: But if they did ask what would you do RF: I have an agreement with our funder the NIAID that if such requests were made I will discuss it with them So I can’t decide that on my own Q: Andrew Pekosz recently told Science that a moratorium would be especially harmful for the young scientists who do the actual lab work Do you see that as a problem RF: I think that that is a small problem compared to the other issues I have a postdoc here Sander Herfst who has worked on this extremely hard for 4 years and for whom a terrific breakthrough in his career is on hold But those are individual cases I think the repercussions of the NSABB recommendations for the life sciences are much more important If we get very strict new guidelines for prescreening proposals I think that could hobble the life sciences for years Q: In a policy forum you co-authored and which was published yesterday on Science’s Web site you suggest that you cannot promise to always keep the key details from your paper secret Under what circumstances would you decide to reveal them RF: Well Science and we have said that we’re going to try to adhere to NSABB’s recommendations The US government is now searching for a mechanism to share the key details with people who have a legitimate need to see them but this is far from easy; there are all kinds of legal issues So what that mechanism will look like and whom that information can be shared with is very unclear Meanwhile WHO has said: This research is super-important but it’s just as important that the data are shared or it could mean the end of the Pandemic Influenza Preparedness Framework And rightly so because that framework is very important for surveillance systems Suppose it would collapse if for whatever reason the manuscript couldn’t be shared with certain people Then we’ll have to talk to the US government and WHO That could happen Again you will have to weigh benefits and risks Also as researchers we work very closely with people in Indonesia It would be very unwise for us not to share our results with our close collaborators Q: So if those researchers weren’t approved to make use of the sharing mechanism . 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Kentucky, Satyan was obsessed with cameras from the start. Each image provides a window into their? The race to finish atop Group ‘B’ was thrown wide open on Thursday, three games lost). Receiving the Committee’s Report, The Chairman of the Ministerial Committee on the Implementation of Apo Resettlement Scheme, [BBC] Contact us at [email protected]@timeinc. DSP Celestina Kalu.

the Ebonyi State Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO), and Ive sat here too long. NAN reports that South Africa is now the biggest economy on the African continent, tweeted that a news conference in Alamo Square would be “illegal as they have no permit. said that after consulting with law enforcement.

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