US energy needs linked to First Nations involvement chief

first_imgBy Jorge BarreraAPTN National NewsOTTAWA-Canada’s continued refusal to fully involve First Nations in the development of natural resource projects on their territories could undermine the energy security needs of the U.S., says a Manitoba chief.Roseau River First Nations Chief Terry Nelson said he wants First Nations leaders to appear before US Congress to testify about their concerns around oil developments in Canada.Nelson wants U.S. politicians to understand the link between Washinton’s energy security requirements in Canada and the need for First Nations to be fully involved in the development of energy resources. Unless Canada brings First Nations onside, blockades and protests could threaten energy supplies to the U.S., he said.“Americans need to be brought on side,” said Nelson. “Our enemy is not the Americans. The Americans buy products from Canada, they invest in Canada.”Canada is one of the U.S.’s top oil suppliers, the majority coming from the Alberta tar sands. The Canadian economy also depends heavily on U.S. investment and consumption.Nelson has crafted a resolution calling on the Assembly of First Nations to begin the work on appearing before the U.S. Congress.Nelson hopes to have the resolution debated at the upcoming AFN special chief’s assembly in Gatineau, Que., later this month.“The U.S. Congress has committees specifically to enhance information gathering and dialogue on matters affecting the security of the U.S.,” reads the resolution. “The possible escalation of the blockades and protests against the pipelines by Canadian First Nations and Native Americans is a concern for the U.S. security of energy access.”The draft resolution has the support Manitoba Canupawakpa Dakota Nation Chief Frank Brown who is listed as backing it.Brown said his community is not planning any blockades, but supports the resolution because it’s time for First Nations to get a cut of the revenues from resources that flow through and from their territories.“We have been trying to address this for 40 years now we have been neglected,” said Brown. “We are the natural inhabitants of this land and we are all saying we are not being consulted, we are not being involved, and we are not benefiting.”The resolution calls on the AFN to develop a joint approach on dealing with oil development the involvement of First Nations in any oil trade negotiations between Canada and the U.S. whenever it impacts Treaties and First Nations territories.The resolution calls on the AFN to recognize the “right of a First Nation to take direct action to enforce the Treaties.”Nelson said our communities are growing increasingly frustrated with the tactics of the Conservative government. He said many believe the government is behind the Canadian Taxpayers Federation recent release of chief and band council salaries.“This thing was done deliberately to talk about the wages of the chiefs to divert the attention of the Canadian public from the tremendous amount of waste going on in the Conservative government,” said Nelson. “Indian Affairs is just a miniscule amount of the total Canadian budget.”The 2010-2011 budget had $280 billion in total expenditures and about $10 billion of that went for programs directed to Aboriginal people through 34 different departments. The bulk of the spending went through Indian Affairs.Nelson was the author of the 2007 day of action resolution.He also ran for national chief of the AFN and received about 10 per cent of the chiefs’ vote.jbarrera@aptn.calast_img read more

UN chief presents funds from benefit football match for children in conflict

Last month Ambassadors Heraldo Muñoz of Chile and Christian Wenaweser of Liechtenstein led out two teams of UN diplomats, who kitted up to raise money and awareness for an organization founded on the basis of Article 31 of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which stipulates that every child has the right to play.Play31 provides children in countries torn apart by armed conflict with the basic necessity for play – a football – in the belief that the game has the unifying power to create peaceful societies. The Secretary-General commended Jakob Lund, who founded Play31, at an event at UN Headquarters in New York where he handed over the funds raised, noting that there have been many examples where “soccer and sports in general have created a very important atmosphere, politically – conducive to the creation of reconciliation.”He also commented that it was appropriate that he played defence, and sometimes goalie, in the match since, as Secretary-General, one of his main jobs is “to defend defenceless people and speak for the voiceless people.“I sincerely hope the diplomatic community at the United Nations will continue to work together with other leaders for the well-being and benefit of the many many children who need our support.” 13 May 2009Weeks after the final whistle had blown on a United Nations fundraising football match, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today scored the winning goal by passing a cheque for $11,000 to children who have suffered the ravages of war in Sierra Leone. read more

Philippines UN working around the clock to reach thousands affected by typhoon

Relief efforts involve creating a pipeline of aid and goods distribution with deployment of relief specialists and logistic support, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) said. However, unknown numbers of survivors do not have basic necessities such as food, water and medicines and remain inaccessible for relief operations. “It is vital that we reach those who are stranded in isolated areas as they are at risk of further threats such as malnutrition, exposure to bad weather and unsafe drinking water,” Ms. Carvalho said. The WFP said it is in the process of flying food, logistics and communication equipment to Cebu airport, which will become a key hub for subsequent airlift through Government partners to Tacloban. “The main challenges right now are related to logistics,” said WFP Representative Praveen Agrawal. “WFP is working with the Government to set up operational hubs and organize airlifts of essential supplies.” Meanwhile, the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has indicated that up to 4 million children could be affected – up from the 1.9 million estimated yesterday. “We are rushing to get critical supplies to children who are bearing the brunt of this crisis,” said UNICEF Philippines Representative Tomoo Hozumi. “Reaching the worst affected areas is very difficult, with limited access due to the damage caused by the typhoon to infrastructure and communications. But we are working around the clock to find ways to get these supplies to children as quickly as conditions allow.” Therapeutic food for children, health kits, water and hygiene kits to support up to 3,000 families in the affected areas have already been mobilized from supplies available in the country, with distribution prioritized for the Tacloban area as soon as access is possible. UNICEF’s warehouse in Copenhagen is airlifting $1.3 million worth of additional supplies for another 10,000 families, including those affected by the recent earthquake in Bohol. The shipments contain water purification tablets, soap, medical kits, tarpaulins, and micronutrient supplements. The agency said it is particularly concerned by children’s health, due to the impact of the typhoon on water supply and sanitation systems. “As we get a better picture of the impact of this devastating crisis, it is clear that even more children are affected than first thought,” said Mr. Hozumi. “UNICEF is doing all it can to reach these children, as quickly as possible with critical supplies, to protect their health, safety and well-being in the difficult days ahead.” ‹ › An estimated 9.5 million people have been affected and many areas are still to be reached by relief and rescue teams. Credit: OCHA In a statement issued by his spokesperson, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said he was extremely concerned by the impact of the typhoon, which has reportedly displaced more than 650,000 people and affected 9.5 million people. Some 10,000 people are feared dead, according to the World Food Programme (WFP). Mr. Ban noted that the UN and its humanitarian partners, in close coordination with local and national authorities, have quickly ramped up critical relief operations to help some 13,000 families in desperate need. “While many communities are very difficult to reach, with roads, airports and bridges destroyed or blocked with debris, agencies have begun airlifting food, health, shelter, medical and other life-saving supplies and have deployed specialist teams and vital logistics support,” the statement said. Mr. Ban thanked Member States for their prompt response and urged the international community to continue to show their solidarity with the people of the Philippines. UN emergency response teams arrived in Tacloban city within 12 hours of the disaster, one of the largest storms to ever make landfall. “Specialist teams from Member States and humanitarian agencies are committed and mobilized, and making their way to the Philippines,” said Luiza Carvalho, Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for the Philippines. “They are pooling resources, food and non-food items to assist the most vulnerable people.” read more


Yankees CC Sabathia On Disabled List With Stiff Elbow

The New York Yankees, leading the American League East, will have to hold on to its advantage – for a  little while, at least – without its ace, C.C. Sabathia.The left-handed pitcher was placed on the disabled list with stiffness in his pitching elbow. Not good.Sabathia was spotted icing his elbow in the trainer’s room before Saturday’s night against the Seattle Mariners. He first detected pain after pitching a complete game on August 3 at Yankee Stadium, manager Joe Giradi said.He had an MRI that came back clean, so Sabathia made his next start five days later in Detroit, but left after 6 1/3 innings and just 94 pitches.Girardi said the stiffness resurfaced after that start, but the decision to put Sabathia on the DL was not made until about 4 p.m. Saturday.“As far as our concern, it’s pretty low,” Girardi said. “It’s not like it got any worse. He wants to pitch on Monday, which I’m not surprised, because he said he’s dealt with it before. We just decided, let’s try to get it cleaned up now.”Girardi said Sabathia would see a doctor on Monday after the Yankees return to New York, but no further tests were scheduled.“It’s a tough decision,” Girardi said. “Do you let him pitch and try to fight through it, or is it enough of a concern that we have him maybe miss just two starts and we’ll get him back?”Sabathia missed three starts between June 28 and July 16 while sidelined with a left groin strain. After his return, Sabathia made five starts and won three; his record is 12-3 with a 3.56 ERA.“We’re going to deal with it; that’s the bottom line,” Girardi said. “We don’t want to, but we need to have him healthy. If we’re going to continue to move on, we’re going to need to have him healthy.”Girardi said no decision has been made on who will take Sabathia’s place in the rotation. read more

Oxford shooting armed standoff ends after shootout between police and gunman

The incident is not being treated as terrorism. Witness earlier described hearing the gunshots ringing out during the afternoon. There were reports the suspect was shooting from a balcony.Janet Borgerson was in the nearby Hotel Malmaison when she heard “explosive cracks” she thought were holiday festivities before another series of “loud bangs”.”Again, I thought the second round were firecrackers. I noticed hotel bar staff ushering people inside,” she said. Ms Borgerson, who is visiting the city from America, said guests were later told they were “perfectly safe” and allowed to leave the hotel by an armed officer who seemed to indicate he was expecting a siege. Police presence near Paradise Square where armed police are locked in a stand-off with a gunman after a shootout in Oxford city centre Thames Valley Police said officers returned fire in the incidentCredit:Steve Parsons/PA Specialist police negotiators were called to the scene Specialist police negotiators were called to the sceneCredit:Steve Parsons/PA Police presence near Paradise Square in OxfordCredit:Steve Parsons /PA Police presence near Paradise Square Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. The resident said he heard a man repeating that he needed medical treatment, before getting “really angry, shouting, roaring at them (the police)”.He said the whole street had been evacuated and families were getting anxious about where they would be able to spend the night as darkness fell.Thames Valley Police thanked residents for their “understanding”. Thank you to everyone for your understanding and patience while we worked to resolve the incident safely. We are grateful for the support of members of the public and local businesses. If you’re coming in to Oxford today you should not experience any further disruption.— TVP Oxford (@TVP_Oxford) May 8, 2018 An armed siege sparked by reports of a man with a gun in Oxford has ended “peacefully” after around 14 hours.Thames Valley Police said shots were fired from a residential property in Paradise Square in the city centre – just yards from Oxford castle – with officers returning fire.Nearby streets were cordoned off by officers who were called to the scene at around 1.15pm. Negotiations with the man took place through Monday afternoon into Tuesday morning.At around 6.30am on Tuesday, the force said the incident has been resolved and that road closures in the area had been lifted. One person was treated for non-life threatening injuries, paramedics said.A Thames Valley Police spokesman said: “Shortly before 3am today a 24-year-old man from Oxford was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. He is currently in police custody.” A nearby resident, who did not want to be named, said he first heard two loud bangs early in the morning, but thought it was just Bank Holiday fireworks.Later that day, he said he witnessed the start of the altercation between an armed man and the police, during which he heard around 20 shots exchanged.He said: “I could hear a female negotiator and an armed response man trying to get him to put his hands up, let go of the gun, keep his hands on show and things like that.” read more

Boart Longyears new Roller Latch™ Overshot

first_imgSince Boart Longyear introduced the Q Wireline system in 1966, retrieving the inner tube from the core barrel has been handled the same way: an overshot with lifting dogs (spring loaded hooked ‘fingers’) is lowered or pumped into the hole until it snaps over a pivoting spearhead mechanism affixed to the inner tube assembly. Once the head assembly has been removed from the hole, the driller uses the pivoting spearhead to position the head assembly on their workspace and squeezes the back of the lifting dogs to release.In all this time, this system has had the same basic issues:Spearhead handling: in up-hole applications underground, a driller is required to manually push the head assembly into the hole by the spearhead. Since it has a pointed end and pivots by design, it can be difficult to handle this operation comfortablyInner tube handling: When hoisting the inner tube assembly, elastic action of the wireline cable or accidental impact during handling can un-load cable tension and overcome spring loads which allows the hooked lifting dogs to accidentally release the spearhead. The surface ‘Ezy-Lock’ overshot includes a twist-sleeve that locks onto the spearhead even without cable tension, whereas competing overshots require cable tension to maintain a lockLifting dog and spearhead wear: To balance strength and wear resistance, lifting dogs and spear points are heat treated to a medium hardness. However, it’s difficult to visually evaluate or functionally test the degree of wear, especially in underground applications.Boart Longyear currently provides a secondary safety pin that clips through the overshot, passing just under the spearhead tip. This adds an extra layer of protection in case the lifting dogs are excessively worn or deformed. However, spearheads are loaded cyclically and often loaded ‘off-pivot’, which deforms the components over time, to the point of disassembly. While the more recent MKII™ version of the spearhead assembly is much more robust, in the case of spearhead failure, the head assembly will release from the overshot regardless of lifting dog or safety pin use or condition.Enter Boart Longyear’s new Roller Latch™ Overshot. This patent-pending overshot leverages previous experience with Roller Latch head assemblies to create a more reliable and longer lasting system that eliminates spearheads and lifting dogs entirely. The spearhead assembly is replaced by a one-piece socket receptacle (spearhead adapter) that accepts the overshot itself, which has rollers that latch into an internal groove in the spearhead adapter.Swapping the pointed, jointed spearhead for a simple cylindrical socket makes for much easier handling of head assemblies in up-holes. Surface Quick Descent Roller Latch head assemblies don’t even require the spearhead adapter since the internal groove geometry was pre-built into their design.The increased toughness and hardness of the bearing quality latch rollers have a proven history of outlasting traditional pivoting latches for wear life. The new overshot will also feature the same Nitreg-ONC surface treatment as Roller Latch head assemblies that drastically improves corrosion resistance (Nitreg is a trademark of Nitrex Inc.).Safety pin integration in the new underground Quick Pump-In overshot now pulls double duty of both locking the overshot from accidentally releasing while hoisting, as well as holding the head assembly and overshot together in case of component failure due to excessive wear. Also, the socket and rollers are not affected by side loading and ‘off-pivot’ loading during tube handling outside the hole, eliminating gradual deformation or disassembly. The new surface overshot will also include a one-hand twist-lock sleeve to maintain a locked position while hoisting outside the hole, even with a loss of wireline cable tension.It’s also easy to use.  Instead of pushing the backs of the lifting dogs together, the driller pushes the two halves of the assembly together, retracting the rollers and releasing the head assembly. This operation takes about the same amount of force as the current overshot, so drillers won’t miss a beat.Additional benefits have been included apart from the elimination of the spearhead and lifting dogs. While the current design uses a solid pivot pin that is peened into place (making it difficult to re-build), the Roller Latch Overshot has no pins whatsoever. Everything is held in place by simple threaded connections for easy maintenance.The Quick Pump-In (Q/P, underground) assembly further addresses two issues specific to pump-in applications. First, in the event of a stuck tube, the driller needs to disengage and retrieve wireline cable in order to pull rods. Today, that is done by overloading and breaking a shear pin placed just underneath the cable swivel. In theory this pin breaks at under half the wireline cable’s max load capacity, but in practice its strength is highly variable because shear pins are inherently weak and ductile. Many operators remove the shear pin, which removes release capability and may result in excessive wireline cable replacement.The Roller Latch Overshot features a brand new pump-in cable release system, originally conceptualized and prototyped by one of our expert underground drillers in Canada. A slotted sleeve and pumping seal assembly is placed over the wireline and pumped up to the overshot. The sleeve engages a quick-release mechanism and releases the wireline. This system has proven to be much more reliable, and may be the feature drillers are most thrilled to have going forward.  Reports of fewer broken wirelines have been received from several sites testing the pump-in cable release system.Second, while Q/P Roller Latch head assemblies with built-in brake features have had great success in stopping runaway tubes and creating a safer drilling environment underground, they are perhaps “too” successful. Currently, when retrieving the head assembly from an inclined hole, pressure has to be applied to disengage the brake. Getting this pressure and procedure exactly right can be difficult, especially with hydrostatic pressure at depth.To combat this and make Q/P Roller Latch easier to use while maintaining its safety features, a ‘brake release spring’ was created. This spring assembles quickly inside of the spearhead adapter on the head assembly. While tripping on its own, the head assembly brake works normally, but when the overshot latches into it this spring is compressed, disengaging the brake. This feature has also been received very positively by drillers in the field.A surface-style overshot is also in development in B/N/H sizes. In addition to many of the features outlined in this article, the aim is to add more innovations, including:An improved lock sleeve to disable accidental head assembly release and stop drillers from accidentally sending the overshot down the hole while lockedA built-in 360 degree pivot and shorter overall length for increased ease of handling.Excitement is high as testing continues. Drillers are noting the various positive developments: it’s easier to use, saves on wireline, and makes working with Q/P Roller Latch head assemblies much easier in difficult conditions. We’re looking forward to further field success as testing begins on the surface design.last_img read more

Outgoing IFA president says he has the skills for MEP job

first_imgTHE OUTGOING PRESIDENT of the Irish Farmer’s Association (IFA) has voiced his interest in contesting the European elections in May.It is believed he will run as a Fine Gael candidate in the expanded the Ireland South constituency, telling TheJournal.ie that it is something he had been approached about.Fine Gael already has one MEP in the region with Seán Kelly set to defend his seat in the European Parliament and the party looking to add a second.‘Still on the job’However, Bryan said that he was “still on the job” at the IFA as he is due to finish up as the organisation’s president next Tuesday.“I have always said that it is something that I was very interested in once my term as president at the IFA is over. I always said I was never going to finish up and just sit on my hands,” he said.He added that he felt that he had a lot to offer a role in Europe stating, “as IFA president, you get a massive amount of experience about how Europe operates, which I think stands to me and means I have a lot to bring to a role Europe”.Bryan went on to say that Europe can be a “very bureaucratic place” especially for people who have not dealt with the everyday workings of the Council and Commission, he said.Experience“For the past number of years, I have headed up talks on the CAP deal for farmers, which involved a lot of discussions, talks and meetings with different farming groups from all over Europe.“I believe I have a huge amount of experience to offer the role – skills that are second to none to some people”.He added that there was a number of farming issues that needed to be highlighted in Europe, but said there are also a number of non-related farming matters to be tackled also.“Running in the European elections has always been something I have been interested in,” Bryan said, however he added,  he still had a job to do at the IFA and said he deliberately did not want to begin talking about one job before he was finished up another.Bryan’s likely candidacy will likely bring an end to hopes that Wicklow TD Simon Harris had of running in the same constituency for Fine Gael as the biggest party in the State targets five of the 11 Irish seats including two in Ireland South.It’s also been suggested that Senator Deirdre Clune, a former TD for Cork South-Central, could run.Read: Meath man Eddie Downey elected as new IFA PresidentRead: Childers will confirm constituency at the end of January as FF nominations open todaylast_img read more

Manasis Annual Dinner Dance

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram After a huge year, Manasis School of Dance and Greek Culture can finally let their hair down at this year’s annual dinner dance. The dance will provide non-stop entertainment the entire evening, highlighting traditional and contemporary dance. There will be over 300 performers on the evening, with students as young as three dressed in traditional costumes. There will be Greek dance performances from all regions of Greece including Pontos, Thrace, Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, Central Greece, Peloponnese, Crete, Cyprus and the islands. Music is the biggest constant of the night and there will be the perfect blend of traditional and modern music with DJs Chris and Steve. The Manasis 12 piece band will also make a performance, playing folk music including traditional Macedonian and Thracian with live gaida, Pontian with live touloum and daoulia, Epirotika, Tsamika, Kalamatiana and all dimotika with live klarina. Rembetika live in the foyer, tsiftetellia with live zournades and daoulia and zebetika with live bouzoukia and plate-breaking.There will also be cultural exhibitions displayed on the night including cutlural items and costumes from various regions and over $4500 worth of raffle prizes and giveaways. The Annual Dinner Dance will take place on Saturday 24 September from 6.30 pm – 2.00 am at Stars International Receptions, 1C Bell Street, Preston. Tickets are adults $60 and children $35 (12 years and under). Ticket price includes a four course meal, beer, wine and soft drink.last_img read more

Saudi arrests of princes consolidates anothers power grab

first_imgRIYADH, Saudi Arabia — Saudi Arabia’s heir to the throne is overseeing an unprecedented wave of arrests of dozens of the country’s most powerful princes, military officers, influential businessmen and government ministers — some of them potential rivals or critics of the crown prince, whose purported anti-corruption sweep sent shockwaves across the kingdom Sunday as he further consolidated power.Among those taken into custody overnight Saturday were billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, one of the world’s richest men with extensive holdings in Western companies, as well as two of the late King Abdullah’s sons.The arrest of senior princes upends a longstanding tradition among the ruling Al Saud family to keep their disagreements private in an effort to show strength and unity in the face of Saudi Arabia’s many tribes and factions. It also sends a message that the 32-year-old crown prince, Mohammed bin Salman, has the full backing of his father, King Salman, to carry out sweeping anti-corruption reforms targeting senior royals and their business associates, who have long been seen as operating above the law.Reports suggested those detained were being held at the Ritz Carlton in Riyadh, which only days earlier hosted a major investment conference that the crown prince attended with global business titans. A Saudi official told The Associated Press that other five-star hotels across the capital were also being used to hold some of those arrested.The Ritz Carlton had no availability for bookings until Dec. 1, 2017 — a possible sign that an investigation of this scale could take weeks. Marriott International said in a statement that it is currently evaluating the situation at the Ritz-Carlton in Riyadh, but declined to comment further, citing privacy concerns.last_img read more

Star Wars The Clone Wars season 7 trailer Siege of Mandalore reveals

first_img Star Wars: The Clone Wars returns The fallout of Ahsoka Tano leaving the Jedi Order will be revealed when Star Wars: The Clone Wars season 7 hits the Disney Plus streaming service.Many of the upcoming season’s storylines as well as a trailer were shown on Sunday at a Star Wars Celebration Chicago panel. Executive producer Dave Filoni and members of the cast took the stage to discuss how they found out about the new season and the events the season will depict, including a major moment between Ahsoka and Maul.You can watch the panel on the Star Wars YouTube channel, which we’ve embedded here. The trailer is not separate yet, but can be found at the 52:20 mark of the panel video.We’ll get more Ahoska Tano on Sunday. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET The show focused on Padawan Ahsoka, her master Anakin Skywalker and his master Obi-Wan Kenobi as they battle in the titular galactic conflict between the events of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.The trailer opens with the season 5 scene of Ahsoka leaving the Jedi Order in sepia tint, before changing to color as we move on to fresh footage. We get shots of her descending into Coruscant’s underworld to start a new life, and the implication that she later escapes on a ship belonging to her new friends.Clone Commander Rex remembers his fallen brothers, while Yoda is “no longer certain one ever does win war.” We also see Ahsoka’s reunion with Anakin, who gives her back her lightsabers (which now have blue blades instead of her original green ones).”They’re good as new… maybe a little better,” says Anakin, who also presents her with an orange-helmeted clone squad to lead into battle.The trailer ends with a few hints of The Siege of Mandalore plot arc, which was meant to act as the concluding arc of show before its cancellation. It’ll feature an epic dual between Ahsoka and Maul, and we got a little taste as the trailer came to an end.”I was hoping for Kenobi, why are you here?” says a disappointed Maul, before they clash sabers.star-wars-the-clone-warsThe cast of Star Wars: The Clone Wars and executive producer Dave Filoni onstage at Celebration Chicago. Sean Keane/CNET During the panel, Filoni noted how technically challenging making the show always was, but thinks this season is better than ever.Ahsoka actress Ashley Eckstein found out about the show’s return while in line for a ride at Walt Disney World, remarking that she learned about it from a furtive text conversation with Dee Bradley Baker (who voices all the clones).”Tell no one, Jedi promise,” Baker apparently wrote.Sam Witwer, who voices Maul, kept pushing Filoni for details on the Siege of Mandalore, but Filoni’s wife Anne tipped him off about the show’s return when she said, “Dave, can I tell him?”star-wars-the-clone-wars-panel-rexDesigns for Rex during The Clone Wars panel at Star Wars Celebration Chicago. Sean Keane/CNET Since The Clone Wars ended, Eckstein has played an older, wiser Ahsoka in Star Wars Rebels, which takes place many years later.”It took me a while to go back to Clone Wars Ahsoka,” she said.Thanks to the pickup of 12 episodes, Filoni was able to complete concepts that were only partially finished but have been revealed to fans since the show was cancelled.”We revamped the show a tiny bit,”he said, noting that some facial features were tweaked compared to the original run due to improvements in animation technology.star-wars-clone-wars-the-bad-batchThe Bad Batch has been fully realized for the new season of The Clone Wars. Screenshot by CNET via Star Wars/YouTube The Bad Batch, a group of genetically enhanced clones, were previously seen in the unfinished story reels. The crowd was treated to a completed clip of the Bad Batch taking out a massive squad of battle droids.Ahsoka’s life on Level 1313 of Coruscant’s grimy underworld, where she meets twins Trace and Rafa was also hinted at. She’ll be learning from the new people she surrounds herself with.star-wars-the-clone-wars-ahsoka-screenshotAhsoka will have a new design when The Clone Wars returns. Screenshot by CNET via Star Wars/YouTube “There’s a lot of character development in these episodes,” Eckstein said,A second clip from the new season was more action focused, showing Ahsoka’s bumpy descent into Coruscant’s underworld.Filoni noted that the Siege of Mandalore is “something fulfilled that I never got to do,” since it was meant to conclude the show and bring Maul to the forefront again.star-wars-the-clone-wars-maul-screenshotDarth Maul as he will be seen in the upcoming Clone Wars season. Screenshot by CNET via Star Wars/YouTube “He’s not crazy old grandpa Maul from Rebels, he’s the younger guy,” said Witwer.Maul’s new look is inspired by his Solo appearance and Ray Park, who has physically portrayed Maul since Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace was suited up in a MoCap suit for an “epic” Maul-Ahsoka battle, Filoni said. A third clip revealed at the panel is an unfinished scene where Anakin introduces Ahsoka to a Clone Trooper squad, led by Rex, with orange detailing painted onto their helmets.After this, Matt Lanter (Anakin Skywalker), Catherine Taber (Padme Amidala), Tom Kane (Yoda), Matthew Wood (General Grievous) and James Arnold Taylor (Obi-Wan) joined the panel and expressed their gratitude to the fans.”Appreciate it we do, yes,” Tom Kane said in his Yoda voice.Filoni brought it home by highlighting that Star Wars creator George Lucas may be retired, but he remains a big part of the momentum that got The Clone Wars going.”The reason why it works is because I was taught by the master,” Filoni said, noting how he “listened” to Lucas instead of trying to impress him.We don’t have a release date for the new season yet, but it’s likely to hit Disney Plus either late this year or early in 2020. 41 Photos 0 Share your voice Tags Star Warscenter_img TV and Movies Digital Media Internet Services Star Wars Celebration Chicago cosplay Now playing: Watch this: Post a comment 2:28last_img read more


Auto driver stabbed to death on busy road in Hyderabad

first_imgA 25-year-old auto-driver was chased and stabbed to death by unknown assailants here on a busy road at Narsingi on Wednesday. The incident occurred at Alkapur township. The victim identified as Chand, a resident of Shaikpet has succumbed to injuries on the spot. He was shifted to Osmania General Hospital for post-mortem. The police registered a case and are examining the CCTV footage to catch the culprits.last_img


Telangana government to fill up 1698 gurukul posts

first_imgThe Telangana government issued green signal for the recruitment of 1698 posts in gurukul. An order with respect to the release has been issued by the government on Friday. Of the total posts, 1071 are Trained Graduate Teacher (TGT), 119 are Physical Education Teacher (119), 36 are principal posts and others. The entire recruitment process will be held by Telangana Residential Educational Institutions Recruitment Board (TREIRB). However, an official notification will be released soon by the board once the exam schedule is prepared.last_img


Ecuadoreans back limits on presidential reelection in blow to Correa

first_imgEcuador’s President Lenin Moreno addresses the media and the nation in a live broadcast, after Ecuadoreans voted in a referendum to prevent presidents from holding more than two terms in office, in Quito, Ecuador on 4 February 2018. Photo: ReutersEcuadoreans on Sunday voted to prevent presidents from holding more than two terms in office, according to the elections council, a win for president Lenin Moreno that blocks his mentor-turned-adversary Rafael Correa from returning to power.The results from the referendum, called by Moreno, roll back a measure Correa pushed through Congress in 2015 to allow unlimited presidential re-election.“The victory of the ‘yes’ vote opens the path for us to work together, confrontation is a thing of the past,” Moreno said in a televised broadcast, an apparent reference to Correa’s famously combative style. “The old politicians will not return.”Moreno may now be emboldened to remove Correa allies from key government posts, and financial markets will likely see the result as confirming a more politically and fiscally conservative future for the South American oil exporting country.The elections council said some 64 percent of voters had supported changing the re-election rules, while 36 percent of voters were opposed.It cited a quick count, which uses the results of a representative sample of polling stations to estimate the winner. The full results are expected for Monday.The referendum is legally binding and implies a direct change to the constitution.Voters also gave broad backing to six other measures, including limits on oil production and mining in environmentally sensitive areas, and stiffer penalties for corruption. Some of those will require the involvement of Congress.Correa said the referendum was aimed at destroying his legacy. “The struggle continues,” he wrote via Twitter. “We cannot accept such a constitutional rupture.”Correa led Ecuador between 2007 and 2017, a period that saw him win support for anti-poverty programs but criticism for excessive confrontation and for allowing corruption to flourish.He declined to run in 2017 and tapped Moreno, then vice president, as the ruling party candidate. He now says Moreno is a “traitor” seeking to annihilate him politically.Though he has been living in Brussels with his Belgian wife since leaving office, he has returned several times to whip up support during campaign stops across Ecuador.“I’ve come to understand that Correa stole a lot from us, he fought with everyone, and now he wants to come back as if none of that happened,” said Maria del Carmen Nauya, 52, a maid, who woke up early to vote in a poor neighbourhood in the capital of Quito. She voted to bring back term limits.last_img read more

Controlling cold molecules

first_img Citation: Controlling cold molecules (2006, August 29) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2006-08-cold-molecules.html Krems and his student, T. Tscherbul, have written a theoretical paper explaining how cold molecules could be manipulated by an external electric field in their letter titled “Controlling Electronic Spin Relaxtion of Cold Molecules with Electric Fields.” It was published August 22nd in Physical Review Letters.“Cold molecules,” Krems tells PhysOrg.com, “have lots of interesting applications.” Some of these applications include use in quantum computing and looking at time-reversal symmetry in nature. When molecules are cooled to temperatures below 1 K, the experimental realization of these long-standing problems becomes more practicable. Krems wants to work with molecules that are cooled to around ½ K or less. However interesting these applications may be though, what Krems is really interested in is how they can be manipulated in chemical processes. And based on these theoretical results, he believes it should be possible to externally control cold molecules in a magnetic trap with electric fields. This means that collisions between molecules could be manipulated, and greater control over molecular dynamics could be asserted, something that would allow chemists to learn more details about chemical reaction mechanisms and test their chemical reaction theories. It is, however, difficult to thermally isolate molecules in a magnetic trap. “This sort of thing has been done with atoms,” says Krems, “but molecules present a different problem.” He explains that atoms are spherical, and that their magnetic spin does not re-orient after collision. Molecules, though, are a different story. “The problem with molecules is that they are not spherical. Their orientation changes. Applying an electric field may suppress spin re-orientation.” He pauses and then continues: “Being able to control molecular dynamics externally would be a great thing for chemistry.”While the applications to chemistry are what excite Krems, he acknowledges that this new technique could also be helpful to physicists. The new technique using external electric fields to control molecular collisions could help with measurements of electric dipole moment of the electron in time-reversal symmetry experiments, where the idea is to find out whether or not symmetry is the proper order in nature. And, with quantum computing the hot topic of the day, this technique could be helpful in creating new ideas for quantum information processing. “Quantum computing with cold trapped molecules is popular right now. In the next six months I expect to see several new schemes.” And Krems and Tscherbul’s work could help with that.While Krems and Tscherbul’s work is theoretical right now, Krems is fairly certain that it is possible to experimentally confirm the theory in the near future. “I’ve been talking with quite a few people,” he says. “There are a lot of experiments going on right now. I hope that this paper will stimulate experimentalists to include strong electric fields for measurements in their experimental apparatuses.”Krems thinks it is possible that the theory could be confirmed in as little as half a year. “But,” he says, “you never know with these experiments. Surprises may be on the way. We are always waiting for surprises.” Krems’ hopes are certainly high. “This is a very new field and it is expanding rapidly. There is a future for cold molecules in chemistry — a very bright future.By Miranda Marquit, Copyright 2006 PhysOrg.com This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only.center_img “This is a chemist’s dream,” explains Roman Krems, a professor at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. “We’ve been trying for 50 years to develop mechanisms to control molecular collisions externally.”last_img read more


Woman arrested after police find cocaine hidden in sanitary napkin

first_imgThe woman was detained at the Cancun airport after she was found with nearly 200 grams of the synthetic drug dubbed as Tucibi, Venus, Erox, Nexus, MFT and pink cocaine. Police found the drug hidden in a sanitary napkin she was wearing. The woman, who has been identified as Lizzette R.G., had landed on a flight from Bogotá, Colombia when she was inspected by Federal Police agents. On her person, police found 197.5 grams of the powdered narcotic. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window) Cancun, Q.R. — Federal police at the Cancun International Airport have arrested a women after she was discovered in possession of cocaine.last_img


5 UX design tips for building a great ecommerce mobile app

first_imgThe vastness and the innovativeness of today’s e-commerce websites are converting visitors into potential buyers and come back as returning visitors. Every e-commerce website is designed with high-quality UX (user experience) and the absence of it can hurt the revenue and sales in various stages. If not made simplistic and innovative, a bad UX may have an adverse effect on the website’s rankings as all search engines emphasize on portals that are easy to navigate. This makes e-commerce mobile app development services necessary for website owners.Almost 68% of users utilize smartphone devices in the US and the amount goes up to 88% in the UK. So, if seen from the advertising standpoint, websites need to be mobile-friendly at any cost as 62% of users will never suggest a business that has a poorly designed mobile website. Now if we take a look at the global population that buys online, the percentage comes to around 22.9% and by 2021, the number will hike to 3.15 billion. Hence keeping an up-to-date UX design for mobile apps is an absolute must. Some UX tips to keep in mind These are some UX design tips that an e-commerce website must utilize for making the buying experience worthwhile for the consumers. Horizontal filtering Most websites employ interfaces that carry left-hand vertical sidebar filtering. However, currently, horizontal filtering has gained prominence. Its benefits include: Horizontal filtering is a tablet and smartphone friendly. So, filters can be viewed while scrolling and the full width of a page can also be utilized. Utilizing paragraphs, sliders and tablets along with checkboxes are easier as horizontal filtering is flexible. Page width utilization: With this UX design, bigger visuals with better and useful information can be put in a page. No overloading of websites with CTAs and product information Making product descriptions crisp and understandable is necessary as any user or customer won’t like to go through massive texts. Clear CTAs – Having a clear and compelling call to action is important. Knowing the audience well – The aspects that attract your customers or the ones causing inconvenience to them must be well addressed. Easy to understand descriptions – Top e-commerce app developers will always offer you with clear descriptions containing a crisp heading, bullet points, and subheadings. Fabricating a user-centric search The search experience that you offer to your customers can break or make your online sales. Your e-commerce businesses must implement these points for fabricating a client-centric search: Image recognition – Pictures or images are extremely important when it comes to e-commerce. Users will always want to see the items before buying. TImage recognition must be implemented in every website so that users can rely on the item they are purchasing. Voice search – As per mobile app design guidelines, voice recognition must also be implemented as it helps online retailers to improve the user experience. This is about ease, convenience, and speed. It makes consumers more comfortable which results in elevated customer engagement. Making the correct choice amid scrolling, loading more buttons and pagination When you engage in e-commerce shopping app development services, you must choose how the products are loading on your website.: Load more buttons – Websites that contain load button option is more favorable as users can discover more products offering them a feeling of control. Pagination – This is a process by which a small amount of information is offered to the customer so that he can emphasize on specific parts of a page. With pagination, users can overview entire results that will tell them how long the search is going to take. Endless scrolling – This technique can lead to seamless experiences for users. By enabling endless scrolling,  content loads continuously as a customer scrolls the page downwards. This works best for websites that contain an even content structure. It is not suitable for websites that need to fulfill goal-oriented jobs. Simple checkouts and signups required Among the various mobile app design elements, this point holds quite an importance. Making the procedures of checkouts and signups simple is paramount as website users are quick to run out of patience. Single-column structure – A user’s eye will move naturally from top to the bottom along a solitary line. Making on-boarding simple – Asking too many questions at the very beginning is not recommended. Registration simply calls for the user’s email and name. Later, personal information like, address and phone number can be asked. Colors Color is an often overlooked part of UI design. It is, in fact, hugely important – and it’s beginning to become more important to designers. When you think about it, it seems obvious. Color is not only important from a branding perspective, allowing you to create a unified and consistent user experience within a single product (or, indeed, set of products). Color can also have consequences for hardware too. A white interface, for example, will use less battery power as the device won’t require the resources that would otherwise be needed to load color. Accessibility and color in design Another important dimension to this is accessibility. With around 4.5% of the population estimated to suffer from color blindness (most of them male), it could be worth considering how the decisions you make about colors could impact these users. In a nutshell While implementing the entire e-commerce application development process, you have to make sure as a merchant that you are delivering experiences and products that fulfill real requirements. A lot of emphasis needs to be put on visual appeal as it marks as a vital element in fulfilling customer needs and is also an establishment of credibility. A customer’s first impression must be good no matter what.When talking about mobile user experience, credibility must be taken into account that can be ensured when you capture the attention of your users by informing them about what you exactly have to offer. The about page must be clear containing information like physical address, email address, phone number, etc. Following these UX tips is adequate for your E-commerce business to take flight and do wonders. Get hold of a professional team today and get started. Author Bio Manan Ghadawala is the founder of 21Twelve Interactive which is a mobile app development company in India and the USA. You may follow him on @twitter. Read Next Why Motion and Interaction matter in a UX design? [Video] What UX designers can teach Machine Learning Engineers? To start with: Model Interpretability Align your product experience strategy with business needslast_img read more


After lengthy investigation Costa Rican police seize drug plane 400 kilos of

first_imgA police investigation that lasted months culminated Sunday with the arrest in northern Costa Rica of six suspected drug traffickers, along with their small aircraft, 400 kilograms of cocaine and $1.5 million. The Tico TimesJudicial Investigation Police, or OIJ, had a private landing strip staked out in Bebedero de Cañas, in the northwestern province of Guanacaste, and agents were ready when a small Cessna aircraft from Guatemala, piloted by a Mexican man and co-piloted by a Costa Rican, landed with a bundle of cash. The plan was to unload $1.5 million, fuel up, and load the plane with the cocaine shipment.According to the OIJ, the plane’s final destination was Mexico.Police have not yet released the names of the suspects in custody, and a press conference is planned for Monday morning. Related posts:Drug traffickers lure Costa Rica’s struggling coastal fishermen with offers of easy money Dutch seize huge cocaine shipment hidden in cassava roots from Costa Rica Costa Rica’s 3-pronged strategy scores high against drug trafficking, says Coast Guard chief Beachcombing along the Caribbean drug trail in Nicaragua Facebook Commentslast_img read more


EAC coping comfortably with summer power demand

first_imgTwo short power cuts – one on Sunday and the other on Monday ­ were caused by small operational problems not high demand, the EAC said on Wednesday.“The power cut on Monday from 1pm to 3.15pm in Aglandjia was due to damage to a high voltage underground cable that was caused during excavation works in that area,” spokeswoman of the electricity authority Christina Papadopoulou said on Wednesday.The power cut at 10.40pm which lasted for 15 minutes on Sunday night was due to a problem at one of the generation units at Vasilikos power station. This led to a power cut in several areas around Cyprus.Press officer of the transmission system George Ashikkalis said that demand changes all the time, according to temperature, humidity, time of day and night. The demand at 2pm on Wednesday was 900 Megawatts, low for this time of the year.Like demand, capacity is fluid, he said. The maximum output is 1,375 Megawatts, but depends on the availability of generators, which may develop faults due to constant use.This year we haven’t had extremely high temperatures yet and the top demand was 1,074MW, on July 21.Last year, when temperatures reached 44 to 45C, the number topped 1,095MW, still leaving a comfortable spare capacity.The maximum ever demand was in 2010, 1,118MW. You May LikeJournalistateMan Remodels Cabin With $100, Wait Till You See InsideJournalistateUndoMan With A Truck Moving CompanyNeed Movers? Get a free moving quote? Click to get more infoMan With A Truck Moving CompanyUndoSmarter FinancesCalifornia: Notice For Cars Used Less Than 25 Miles a DaySmarter FinancesUndo Famagusta municipality says Varosha entry goes against UN regulationsUndoNew York state decriminalizes pot, stops short of Cuomo’s legalisation callUndoProperty owners price themselves out of the marketUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

The outrageous clai

The outrageous claims of improper conduct regarding these almost three-year-ago events are a lie. But fighting this fire through DMCA is akin to playing digital whack-a-mole: Knock the images off one site that was hosting them.

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Thank you very much.The policy does not give examples of "other enforcement action," she says.com Contact us at editors@time. Kevin Mazur—WireImage/Getty Images Melanie Griffith attends the 87th Annual Academy Awards on Feb. Source: Evening Standard Featured Image Credit: GoFundMe Topics: LondonThe leader Arewa Youths Consultative Forum, another armed youths suspected to the Irigwe youths attacked Fulani residents at Dangwal village of Ganawuri and rustled about 200 cows in the attack. Justice Chellameshwar said that the Karnataka High Court had no right to launch an inquiry? An end to blackmail and conquest The Greek debt crisis is only the latest problem demonstrating the need to create European political structures that can prevent games of blackmail and conquest and give citizens the political power to attain the economy and society they desire. Jelinek asked what she could "do to just be done with this right now.

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