Messi Joins Controversial Israeli Teams Fan Club Accused of Racism

Football superstar Lionel Messi is now a member of the Beitar Jerusalem fan club. The team’s owner Moshe Hogeg presented Messi with a card during an event in Barcelona on Tuesday, according to the Times of Israel. Messi is also involved in Hogeg’s tech company Sirin Labs, where he advertises the company’s products like their new phone Finney. Hogeg bought the football team earlier this year, and it seems he has brought Messi along to represent that as well.In the past, Messi has faced scrutiny  several times for his close relationship to Israel. In 2013, Messi and his club team FC Barcelona visited Israel in a peace tour, where a photo emerged of him kneeling at the wall with a Jewish yamaka, drawing criticism from many Arabs that said he was alienating a large amount of his Muslim fanbase with his actions. Messi also tried to visit Israel again this year with the Argentina national team for a friendly game before the world cup, but it was canceled after fans protested the game because of Israeli actions in Palestine. International protests grew after a video emerged of a Palestinian football player being shot by Israeli snipers.Read Also: Lionel Messi Sentenced to 21 Months in Prison for Tax FraudMessi’s latest involvement with Beitar has already drawn controversy, due to the fan base’s past actions. In 2012, fans of the team marched into a mall in Jerusalem and began assaulting Arab employees, and in 2013 fans of the team protested to the team’s signing of its first two Muslim players. In 2017, an official on the team also stepped down after declaring he would never bring a Muslim player back to Beitar, according to Al-Araby news. Beitar has responded to these incidents by trying to crack down on racist behavior, threatening to revoke fans’ tickets displaying anti-Arab sentiment. In addition, police have conducted operations against violent, bigoted fans as well. Despite these actions, it seems Beitar’s reputation has become intertwined with its fans actions, and Messi’s allegiance to the team will likely inflame old tensions and continue to alienate a large part of his international fanbase. read more

Dior celebrates sisterhood impertinent girls in Paris

PARIS — Designer Maria Grazia Chiuri once again celebrated feminism and sisterhood in her collection for Christian Dior at Paris Fashion Week, delving into the independent youth subculture styles of 1950s Britain.Wearing a marl Dior dress, Jennifer Lawrence swept down the stone steps inside the Rodin Museum, the venue for Dior’s show on Tuesday, to form her own sisterhood with English actress Gemma Arterton and model Karlie Kloss.Lawrence remained an island of calm in the heaving mass of cameras that eventually caused security to reroute guests. She showed her engagement ring from New York art gallerist Cooke Maroney as photographers vied for shots in the sweltering room.Here are some highlights of the first full day of fall-winter 2019 collections at Paris Fashion Week:DIOR’S GANGA gargantuan art installation covered the runway walls, spelling out words such as “feminists”, as Dior’s first female designer, Maria Grazia Chiuri, took the theme to the sassy styles of British “Teddy Girls”, a rebellious breed of British teens during the 1950s.It was new territory.Monochrome gingham, full skirts, big black leather belts, pointy shoes and cutoff bobby socks all evoked the girls who formed part of a largely forgotten subculture that took its name from the Edwardian-style “Teddy” jacket donned by male adherents.The Teddy Girls rebelled against austerity after World War II and replaced it with messy exuberance in their clothes. It’s laudable that Chiuri sought inspiration in “the queens of a ravaged landscape” who were “impertinent characters,” according to the description in the program notes.For fall-winter, slightly awkward bell hat-hybrids led the eye down to Edwardian coats, their exaggerated lapels touched on a trend seen in Milan. Pleated or buttoned-down, full skirts evoked the end of wartime rationing.The collection was far from glamorous. Intentionally so.___JACQUEMUS IS A SHOWMANThe rising fashion showman of Paris Fashion Week, Simon Porte Jacquemus, recreated a village square in southern France, aptly named “Place Jacquemus,” for his collection in a warehouse space on the outskirts of the French capital.In the bright colours of summer, Mediterranean-style shutters are flung open above a yellow bakery beside a sign advertising “pain”, French for bread. A house with drain pipes had wash hung up to dry on a line.The sheer ambition and realism — the set continued around the sides of the seating — bowled over the audience on Monday night.One guest reportedly called Jacquemus “the new Karl Lagerfeld.”Style-wise, Jacquemus — who harks from Provence — continued to be inspired by and evoke his southern French roots. He referenced them in past collections, and the biographical fashion had started to wear a little thin.Luckily, the 29-year-old moved in a welcome and more sophisticated direction this season without sacrificing the southern vibe.Gone was the raw sensuality of bombshell femme fatales,. In its place were thoughtful and arty designs.Loose silhouettes featured soft statement coats, culottes, pantsuits, buttoned-down shirts, utilitarian pockets and leg-long fisherman’s boots.Vivid colours were the biggest statement of the collection: oranges, sea blues, greens and bright pink mirrored the eye-catching set.__SIA GOES TO THE BALLETAustralian pop singer and songwriter Sia has unveiled a shoe collection for French dance and fashion company Repetto.The designs channeled three of the ballet-inspired house’s styles – the demi-pointe ballet slippers, the Sophia ballerina flat and the Zizi tuxedo-oxford.To celebrate the project, Sia created a series of images with “muse” Maddie Ziegler, who as a girl rose to instant fame for her visceral dancing in the video for “Chandelier.”Repetto called the designs “whimsical” and said the “collection will capture the spirit of everyone who lives to their own beat.”___Thomas Adamson can be followed at Twitter.com/ThomasAdamson_KThomas Adamson, The Associated Press read more

UN antiAIDS programme and womens agency condemn scams using their names

“These e-mails sometimes carry the UNAIDS logo, and emanate from or refer to an e-mail address which is made to look like a United Nations address,” it said. “These e-mails do not emanate from UNAIDS, and are not in any way associated with UNAIDS projects or events.” It suggested that recipients should not send money or personal information to anyone “who claims to be awarding funds, grants, scholarships, certificates, lottery winnings, or prizes, and/or who requests payment for registration fees and hotel rooms reservations, in the name of UNAIDS.” The complaint joins that of the UN Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM), which says “it is currently aware of fictitious vacancy announcements that are being circulated through the Internet, the purpose of which is to get people to register for training and send in a fee.” It adds: “UNIFEM, as a matter of practice, does not charge any application, processing or training fee at any stage of the recruitment process.” read more

Football Quarterback battle officially begins with start of spring practice

Quarterbacks Tate Martell and Dwayne Haskins watch the 2017 Cotton Bowl from the sideline on Dec. 29. in AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. Credit: Jack Westerheide | Photo EditorJ.T. Barrett watched as Ohio State officially began spring practice.For each of the past five seasons, he has been a part of it all, suited up in pads with the practice jersey. Tuesday, however, he could only stand in the sideline and watch a trio of quarterbacks — those who waited behind him for reps last season — compete to take his old spot on the team.It will be a difficult battle to find out who replaces one of the most decorated quarterbacks in program history, but head coach Urban Meyer said he is not stressing over the uncertainty. When there is as much talent competing for the spot, he believes things will work out just fine for his team.“I think I’m more stressed about center. I think when you have quality players going at it, there’s no stress at all,” Meyer said Tuesday. “I think we’ll be fine at quarterback. Who’s it going to be? I don’t know. But I know they work really hard and I see not two, but three guys that think they should be the quarterback. So I spend more time at the positions that I don’t know.”The clear favorite heading into spring practice was redshirt sophomore Dwayne Haskins. The 6-foot-3, 218-pound pocket-passer won the backup quarterback spot in 2017 after redshirt junior Joe Burrow broke his hand. For the most part, Haskins filled in the typical role of a backup, mostly appearing during garbage time in blowouts.However, during the team’s rivalry game against Michigan in a matchup that determined the winner of the Big Ten East, Haskins was called upon to take over under center after Barrett left with a knee injury with the Buckeyes trailing, 20-14.Haskins drove the team down the field for the eventual game-winning score and was quarterback for 17 of Ohio State’s 31 points in the win. He finished the game 6-for-7 with 94 passing yards.In delivering the win, many thought Haskins separated himself from the rest of the contenders for the quarterback position. Meyer hinted that while Burrow and Haskins were close at the beginning of the season, Haskins might have moved ahead.“I think we all know that Dwayne kind of finished the season and finished it strong against the team up north,” Meyer said. “Joe before his injury was neck-and-neck, so this is going to be — we’re trying to do the best we can to make sure they have equal opportunity to compete.”Burrow still has a shot to win the competition, as does redshirt freshman Tate Martell. But Burrow is in a position that neither of the other quarterbacks are in: He has a viable backup plan.If Martell or Haskins lose the battle and transfer, believing they are good enough to start elsewhere, they will be forced to sit out a full season. Burrow, on the other hand, graduates in May and could transfer to another school and play immediately without the penalty.Meyer said he has talked with Burrow and his family about the chance of a departure, and said that he probably does owe Burrow an answer on the position battle before it’s too late for him to transfer. Even so, he added he doesn’t want to rush his decision along.In a perfect world, Meyer said the team knows by the start of the summer how that position group shapes up. But he does not typically have those perfect scenarios fall his way.“I’ve had it several times where you’re nip and tuck with two guys going after each other for the next five [months] or going after the backup spot,” Meyer said.The decision of who will succeed Barrett at quarterback will likely remain unanswered for some time. It would be a surprise if anything was announced before the Spring Game on April 14. The three players will head into the scrimmage with the chance to make another pitch for the gig.Until a decision is made, Meyer will just continue to encourage the competition, knowing that the talented trio will come up with a solution in due time.“We’ve had that before here, and I just think it keeps people on pins and needles. Performance, it’s science that performance is better when you have someone beyond comfort — discomfort of competition of times,” Meyer said. “If you’re just by yourself, you have a tendency to be complacent. That’s something that you’re going to watch very closely.” read more

April Fools Day jokes How many did you spot And did you

A drone capable of taking dogs for a walk was reported in The TimesCredit:John Phillips/Getty Images It’s a little-known fact that some #koala joeys are born with leopard print fur 🐨 We don’t yet know why only certain joeys are blessed with such incredible fashion sense, but we’re sure little April here is the envy of her friends. #seeaustralia #wildlife #australia pic.twitter.com/FJUDwdRk9E— Australia (@Australia) March 31, 2019 BBC iPlayer was reported to have launched its new “skip the sex” button to avoid watching racy scenesCredit:PA And did you spot our own? Royal Mint unveils its new 50p featuring poo emoji The report stated repeat prescriptions would have to be signed off by medics weekly to prevent “abuse of the system”.Conservative MP Michael Fabricant was in on the joke, telling the Daily Star: “They used to say ‘Guinness is Good for You’. I’m told that nowadays the NHS will not supply it in a pint glass but as an intravenous drip.”Britain to LEAVE Eurovision after Brexit The Royal Mint were said to have released six new emoji-based 50p pieces While Labour supporters understandably suggested Alice Nutter, the former singer of anarcho-punk group Chumbawumba. Passengers fined £2,000 for eating smelly foods on trains Britain faces a ban from Eurovision after Brexit, The Daily Express reported Fed up of having to endure stinky sandwiches and smelly snacks on trains? As part of new anti-social behaviour legislation, those caught eating offensive food items while in transit could face a penalty fare of up to £2,000.Check before you travel 👉 https://t.co/kePXd0M6Yz pic.twitter.com/Or9LRThRsw— British Transport Police (@BTP) April 1, 2019 Tourism Australia, the country’s official tourism agency, ‘revealed’ some koalas appear more stylish than others as “certain” joeys are born with leopard print fur.It tweeted: “It’s a little-known fact that some #koala joeys are born with leopard print fur “We don’t yet know why only certain joeys are blessed with such incredible fashion sense, but we’re sure little April here is the envy of her friends. ” Pints of Guinness could be prescribed on the NHS, according to The Daily Star The Guardian reported the UK’s leading institutions were looking at appointing a “healing tsar” to help reunite the country following social divisions caused by Brexit.According to the newspaper, among the “well-known” figures put forward by the secretive group is Bob Geldof, with one insider commenting: “He brought the country together with Live Aid – he can do it again.” Oxford University researchers claimed to have developed AI so sophisticated it is capable of beating the best humans at one of the world’s most challenging games – snap.Lead author Professor Joanne King, from Oxford’s Department of Computers And Related Decision-tree Systems, said: “Our tool is so sophisticated, it’s completely removed the need to even play the game, as it can tell you who has won before you even open the box.”Baby koalas “blessed” with “incredible fashion sense” The Daily Star announced free beer is to be prescribed on the NHS with pints of stouts provided to patients who are able to convince their GP they are suffering from tiredness. The Royal Mint were said to have released six new emoji-based 50p pieces Britain faces a ban from Eurovision after Brexit, The Daily Express reportedCredit:Jack Guez/AFP Pints of Guinness could be prescribed on the NHS, according to The Daily StarCredit:Ethan Miller/Getty Images The Telegraph’s guest political reporter, the curiously named Flora Poil, ‘broke’ the news today that jokes this year had been banned under an archaic parliamentary order, amid warnings the public can no longer tell the difference between reality and farce. The statute from 1653 apparently states that the issuing of false reports is strictly prohibited and punishable by the splitting of an offender’s ribs.Officials in the Cabinet Office were said to have taken the unusual step of asking media outlets to refrain from publishing the traditional stories on April 1 in case they trigger panic buying or spark riots. Sir Bob Geldof is in line to become Britain's new "healing tsar", The Guardian reports British Transport Police warned it was taking a toughened stance against passengers who consume “stinky sandwiches and smelly snacks” on trains.As part of new anti-social legislation, the force said those guilty of eating “offensive food items” risked a penalty fare of up to £2,000.AI conquers world’s most sophisticated game – snap The Daily Mirror ‘revealed’ the BBC had today launched its new “skip the sex” button on iPlayer.The tool was said to be created to help prudish viewers following racy scenes in dramas such as Bodyguard, starring Richard Madden and Keely Hawes.A spokesman told the newspaper: “We have some amazing shows on BBC iPlayer, with tense drama, fascinating characters and indeed, some very well-executed sex scenes.”But we appreciate it can be pretty awkward for viewers sat around with the family, so this new BBC iPlayer feature will help them skip past the more embarrassing scenes.” April Fool’s Day has delivered once again. Those of you who opened newspapers this morning or accessed news websites this morning may have noticed some perplexing items that would have left you scratching your heads.Known as the day for celebrating practical jokes and spreading outlandish hoax stories, the day has not disappointed with plenty of imaginative tales ranging from Brexit to the newest 50p coin.Media outlets have traditionally used the date to let the imagination run wild with previous notable pranks including the BBC reporting Big Ben was due a digital update in 1980.Here’s our round-up of some of the stories that may have left you somewhat puzzled on first glance.’Skip the sex’ red button launched on BBC’s iPlayer BBC iPlayer was reported to have launched its new "skip the sex" button to avoid watching racy scenes Sir Bob Geldof is in line to become Britain’s new “healing tsar”, The Guardian reportsCredit:Graham Denholm/Getty After Deep Blue beat @Kasparov63, and @DeepMindAI’s AlphaGo defeated Lee Sedol, there was only one game left standing in the way of AI… until now. pic.twitter.com/FQP0fjZ3LT— Oxford University (@UniofOxford) April 1, 2019 A drone capable of taking dogs for a walk was reported in The Times The Daily Express’ Flora Olip reported Britain’s involvement in the Eurovision song contest was in doubt as a result of Brexit. According to the Paris-based L’Institute de Eurovision Song, Britain’s ‘glorious’ history in the BBC competition is set to come to an end.Vaya Mentira, chief executive of LIES, told the Express: “It has with a heavy heart that we have decided Britain should no longer compete in Eurovision.’Healing tsar’ to reunite Britain after Brexit The Times reported the latest innovation in dog-centred technology, the Drone Dog Walker.Drones equipped with a microphone and a camera were reported to allow owners to talk to their pets as the device takes them for a walk. Said to be available for £200 by Thumbs Up, the drones come with leash control technology to stop overexcited dogs,Free beer prescribed on the NHS Government white paper: with reports of potential shortages of toilet tissue and other essentials, Cabinet officials asked media outlets to refrain from publishing traditional spoof stories on April 1 Government white paper: with reports of potential shortages of toilet tissue and other essentials, Cabinet officials asked media outlets to refrain from publishing traditional spoof stories on April 1Credit:Getty Images The Sun reported the Royal Mint had unveiled its latest 50p pieces to enter circulation next month – all based on emojis including the poop.Written by Penny Drops, the smiling brown swirl is one of six themed pieces with others including a peach, a heart, a flame, an aubergine and a crying with laughter smiley.Coin expert Penny Silver told the newspaper: “What with Brexit, Royal Mint must have decided everyone could use some light relief.”Emojis are a great way to communicate and express ourselves, so it makes sense to mark this with a coin collection.”Give the dog a drone for walkies Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Vlado Bozic left Meshkov Brest

Ivan PesicMeshkov BrestVlado Bozic Third team of Belarus this season, Meshkov Brest will have some changes between the posts. Former ASOBAL teams (Quenca and Teucro) Croatian goalkeeper Vlado Bozic (30) left the team by mutual agreement with the club. On his place is coming his compatriot from Slovenian RK Maribor Branik, Ivan Pesic. Bozic played for Belarus teams in the last two seasons. Before his transfer to the East, Bozic played also in German Bundesliga for Friesenheim. ← Previous Story Magnus Jernemyr leaves Barca Next Story → Bundesliga (Round 33): Narcisse, Ilic, Omeyer and Ahlm with a farewell victory separate from THW Kiel fans

New experience of handball in Szczecin

← Previous Story SIXTH SIGNING: Dejan Malinovic to US Creteil Next Story → Pots for Qatar 2015 are ready! Handball fans in Polish city of Szczecin will have a new experience of supporting player of local team Gaz System Pogon. One of the best Polish teams, in the second quality row behind unreachable Kielce and Plock, will get the fantastic hall for the upcoming season with 5.000 seats. Brand-new sports object could raise a level of ambitious of the team in near future… handball in Szczecinpogon szczecin

Catholic Church in Australia admits it has been slow to act on

first_imgTHE MOST SENIOR Catholic in the Australian state of Victoria today admitted the church had been too slow to act on paedophile priests, but insisted things had changed.Melbourne Archbishop Denis Hart was speaking at a state government inquiry into the handling of child sex cases by religious and non-government bodies after hundreds of children were abused by clergy.The Church has previously told the hearing that about 620 children had been abused since the 1930s.“I would certainly say that the church has been slow to act,” Hart said, with the inquiry hearing that it took 18 years for paedophile priest Desmond Gannon to be defrocked.“Well better late than never,” Hart said of Gannon, adding: “We were too slow to realise what was going on. These awful criminals are secretive and cunning.”The church in Australia, as in other parts of the world, has endured a long-running controversy over its response to past abuses by priests.Last November, Prime Minister Julia Gillard ordered a national inquiry after a decade of growing pressure to investigate widespread allegations of paedophilia, two months after the Catholic Church in Victoria revealed hundreds of children had been abused.Hart, who has been the Melbourne archbishop since 2001, acknowledged that one of his predecessors, Archbishop Frank Little who died in 2008, had kept information about two paedophile priests secret and moved them to other parishes.“Archbishop Little kept all these things to himself and there were no records,” Hart said.When pressed on whether there had been a cover-up he said: “Well I have to agree with that.” He added:The only person who’s ultimately responsible is the archbishop at the time.Hart insisted the church had a zero-tolerance attitude to child abuse and was working to change the way it responded.“I do think that one of the things that we want to do together as a community and church is really to identify how we can do things better,” he said.Australia’s most senior Catholic cleric, Sydney Archbishop George Pell, is expected to appear at the Victoria inquiry next week, reports said.Pell, one of eight cardinals selected by Pope Francis to advise him on reforming the Catholic Church’s opaque administration, apologised at Christmas to those who “suffered at the hands” of priests and religious teachers.As well as the Victoria and national investigations, there is also a special commission of inquiry in New South Wales into similar allegations of abuse raised in the Hunter Valley, north of Sydney.- © AFP, 2013Read: Catholic Church audits show progress in child protection > Read: Irish priest being sued for alleged rape in USA > Read: Catholic child abuse: 164 allegations against 85 priests have led to zero convictions >last_img read more

LApple TV 3 pour bientôt

first_imgL’Apple TV 3 pour bientôt ?De nouvelles références de produits Apple, codées, apparaissent dans la liste des produits prochainement équipés de la version 5.1 d’iOS.Selon le site 9to5mac, de nouvelles références de produits Apple ont fait leur entrée dans la liste des produits équipés de la version 5.1 (bêta) du système d’exploitation d’iOS.Au vu de cette liste, il se pourrait que la troisième génération d’Apple tv soit codée sous le nom de J33, équipée de la version 5.1 d’iOS et du processeur A5 d’Apple, comme l’iPad 2 et l’iPhone 4S. Ce processeur devrait permettre d’afficher en 1080p. Les médias américains rêvent à une intégration du système de reconnaissance vocale Siri dans l’Apple TV.Les “noms de codes” iPad 3,2 et iPad 3,3 ainsi que la mention d’un iPhone 5.1 attestent des prochains produits Apple en développement.Pour rappel, IOS 5.0 avait été lancé en octobre dernier. Le 29 novembre 2011 à 18:45 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Comment booster sa mémoire En écoutant des sons durant son sommeil

first_imgComment booster sa mémoire ? En écoutant des sons durant son sommeilPubliant leurs travaux dans la revue Neuron, des scientifiques allemands ont réussi expérimentalement à augmenter les performances de mémorisation de volontaires en leur diffusant, durant leur sommeil, des sons apaisants en phase avec leur activité cérébrale nocturne. Dans le domaine des neurosciences, l’équipe du Dr Jan Born, de l’Université de Tubingen (Allemagne), a mené une expérience étonnante sur 11 volontaires. Il a été demandé à chacun de ces derniers de mémoriser des associations de mots. Le lendemain, ils devaient restituer un maximum de ces associations, en faisant appel à leur mémoire. Mais – c’est là que réside l’originalité – la nuit de sommeil séparant les deux parties de l’expérience n’avait rien d’ordinaire.À lire aussiPourquoi certains s’évanouissent-ils à la vue du sang ?Les scientifiques ont diffusé aux dormeurs de menues bribes de sons, des sortes de sifflements doux rappelant le bruit apaisant du ressac. Dans le même temps, ils ont mesuré l’activité électrique du cerveau de chaque participant à l’aide de l’encéphalographie. Le lendemain, après cette phase de repos, les volontaires ont donc passé le test de mémoire prévu. Et il s’est avéré que leurs performances étaient étonnamment meilleures qu’après une nuit de sommeil ‘normale’.Dans certains cas, elles se sont même avérées deux fois meilleures. En revanche, d’autres essais ont montré que si les sons diffusés la nuit n’étaient pas correctement en phase avec l’activité cérébrale nocturne, les bénéfices n’étaient pas au rendez-vous. “La beauté réside dans la simplicité. La stimulation auditive est à la fois pratique et éthique, comparée par exemple à la stimulation électrique”, conclut le Dr Born, qui entrevoit des applications pour les étudiants en période d’examens, les personnes âgées, etc.Le 21 avril 2013 à 17:13 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more


Gerrard insists margin of victory flattered his team

first_imgRangers Football Club manager Steven Gerrard insists the three-goal margin of his team’s victory over Hamilton flattered their performance.Gerrard insists he won’t be fooled by the 4-1 win over victory over Martin Canning’s side whilst making it clear that his team must improve on Sunday’s performance if they’re to compete for the Scottish Premiership title.However, the former Liverpool youth team coach hopes that finally winning away from home in the league will at least remove that monkey from their backs. “Performance-wise, we weren’t at it today,” said Gerrard, according to The ScotsMan.“We weren’t great but I’m pleased with the three points and the result because all the talk before the game was about our away record and how we hadn’t had a win for eight months. The points were the most important thing for me but I wasn’t pleased with our display, to be honest.”The Gers almost missed out on all three points ten minutes from time when Steven Boyd’s sensational equaliser cancelled out Ryan Kent’s opener.Steven Gerrard, Michael OwenOwen reveals why Liverpool didn’t offer Gerrard a new contract Manuel R. Medina – September 6, 2019 According to Owen, the Reds wanted to sell Gerrard two years before he left the club and that’s why they didn’t offer him a contract renewal.However, two late penalties by captain, James Tavernier and a late winner from striker, Alfredo Morelos goal sealed the win.When it was suggested that his players had shown enough desire to respond to Hamilton’s goal, Gerrard replied:“Is that the word you’d use? I think we were actually frightened when they equalised – that basically gave us the rocket we needed because, at 1-0 up, we were too casual and I didn’t feel comfortable on the side-lines.”“I always felt that they were going to have one opportunity or one decision that could have proved costly in terms of that win slipping from our grasp. But their goal scared us a bit and that sparked us into life. We then went on to win comfortably but 4-1 flattered us.”last_img read more


District Attorney No charges in fatal OIS against man swinging metal chain

first_img Jonathan Halvorson, May 22, 2019 Posted: May 22, 2019 Categories: Local San Diego News FacebookTwitter Jonathan Halvorson 00:00 00:00 spaceplay / pause qunload | stop ffullscreenshift + ←→slower / faster ↑↓volume mmute ←→seek  . seek to previous 12… 6 seek to 10%, 20% … 60% XColor SettingsAaAaAaAaTextBackgroundOpacity SettingsTextOpaqueSemi-TransparentBackgroundSemi-TransparentOpaqueTransparentFont SettingsSize||TypeSerif MonospaceSerifSans Serif MonospaceSans SerifCasualCursiveSmallCapsResetSave SettingsSAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The District Attorney’s office said a San Diego Police officer who shot and killed a man swinging a heavy metal chain toward him will not be criminally liable after a review of the 2018 incident.According to the DA, witnesses reported seeing Vaughn Denham, 48, attack another man in the head and torso with a machete, causing serious injuries. A San Diego Police officer responded to the call and as the officer was getting out of his patrol car, Denham ran up to the car and swung a four-foot long metal chain, striking the car.A release from the office detailed the incident “The officer got out of the car and ordered Denham to drop the chain. Denham refused and began walking towards the officer while aggressively swinging the chain. The officer deployed his Taser, which was ineffective. The officer continued to retreat from Denham for a block and a half to avoid being struck by the chain. For more than one minute, the officer continued to give commands to drop the weapon, get on the ground and warned he would be forced to shoot.  As Denham ignored the officer’s commands and continued to close the distance between the two men, the officer fired two rounds, striking Denham. Denham was transported to the hospital where he later died.”Toxicology results showed Phencyclidine (PCP), Cannabinoids, and Methamphetamine in Denham’s system. District Attorney: No charges in fatal OIS against man swinging metal chainlast_img read more


DFG Announce Cook Inlet Areawide Octopus Closure

first_imgAccording to the Cook Inlet Area Octopus Management Plan there is no open season for directed fishing for octopus, however, retention as bycatch is allowed up to an annual guideline harvest level (GHL) of 35,000 pounds. Based on reported harvests from state waters, the octopus GHL will be achieved which mandates the closure to octopus allowed to be retained in the entire Cook Inlet. Facebook0TwitterEmailPrintFriendly分享The retention of octopus in the Cook Inlet Area will close at 11:59 p.m., today, according to a release from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.center_img For additional information on Cook Inlet Area fisheries, please contact ADF&G in Homer, at 235-8191.last_img

Facebooks new top lawyer helped write Patriot Act

first_img Share your voice Deactivating your Facebook account doesn’t stop data… Facebook brought on a US government official as its general counsel. Omar Marques/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images Facebook has named State Department legal adviser and Patriot Act architect Jennifer Newstead as its general counsel, the company said Monday in a blog post.She joins Facebook as the social network faces US government probes and Europe’s GDPR data privacy law in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data scandal.Her time at the Trump administration’s State Department began in 2017. At the time, Buzzfeed News highlighted her role in crafting the 2001 Patriot Act. That legislation, signed into law by President George W. Bush in the wake of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, gave the government broad surveillance and detention powers.US Assistant Attorney General Viet Dinh noted Newstead’s role in 2002, The Hill reported.”Her enhanced leadership duties and her excellent service on a range of issues — including helping craft the new U.S.A. Patriot Act to protect the United States against terror — have earned her this important distinction. She is first among equals,” he said in a 2002 Justice Department press release. Tech Industry Politics Comment 2:15 1 She’ll take over the Facebook role from Colin Stretch, who will stick around until summer as part of the transition.”I’m excited to be joining Facebook at an important time and working with such a fantastic team,” Newstead said in Facebook’s blog post. “Facebook’s products play an important role in societies around the world. I am looking forward to working with the team and outside experts and regulators on a range of legal issues as we seek to uphold our responsibilities and shared values.” Tags Now playing: Watch this: Facebook Donald Trumplast_img read more

Medicaid Expansion And The State Budget

first_imgState leaders need to cut the budget without hurting the economy and find new sources of revenue. In a time of fiscal deficit, what do lawmakers think of Medicaid expansion and other ideas that impact the budget?  What will it take to stabilize Alaska’s financial future?Download AudioHOST: Lori TownsendGUESTS:Senator Berta Gardner, minority leaderRepresentative Steve Thompson, House finance co-chairCallers statewidePARTICIPATE:Post your comment before, during or after the live broadcast (comments may be read on air).Send e-mail to talk [at] alaskapublic [dot] org (comments may be read on air)Call 550-8422 in Anchorage or 1-800-478-8255 if you’re outside Anchorage during the live broadcastLIVE Broadcast: Tuesday, March 24, 2015 at 10:00 a.m. on APRN stations statewide.SUBSCRIBE: Get Talk of Alaska updates automatically by e-mail, RSS or podcast.TALK OF ALASKA ARCHIVElast_img read more

ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 Was umpiring error responsible for MS Dhonis

first_imgTwitter/Cricket World CupIndian legend Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Ravindra Jadeja kept the Indian side on the hunt as the Men in Blue chased the total of 240 runs posted by New Zealand at the Old Trafford ground during the first semi-final of 2019 Cricket World Cup. Unfortunately, they could not finish off the game and India lost by 18 runs.However, a story started doing rounds on Twitter when a video about the legality of the ball on which Dhoni got out emerged on social media. The video showed that there were six fielders outside the 30-yard circle when the delivery was bowled to Dhoni. While trying to pick up a couple of runs Dhoni got run-out by a throw from Martin Guptill who was fielding outside the circle.Now, as per ICC rules, during the third Powerplay, only five players are allowed outside the 30-yard circle. This resulted in a widespread rage over the standard of umpiring among the Indian cricket fans. There were many posts that claimed it was an illegal ball and the umpire was responsible for Dhoni’s wicket.But, the fact is that a player can get run-out on a no-ball which many pointed out.Am I the only one to see this??? Just before MSD got Run-out, six fielders were outside the circle Don’t know whether it is umpiring fault or GPS error BTW, it was still a runout…#Dhoni #DhoniAtCWC19 #INDvNZ #CWC19 @msdhoni @imVkohli @ICC @BCCI @htTweets @Dhoni7_fc pic.twitter.com/75ToHp0UXZ— WAni BaSit (@imphoenixbmw) July 10, 2019One of the fans wrote on Twitter, “Just before MSD got run-out, six fielders were outside the circle. Don’t know whether it is umpiring fault or GPS error BTW, it was still a runout.”NZ had 6 fielders outside the 30-yard circle but only 5 are permitted,as per the rules,of the BALL BEFORE DHONI WAS OUTWhich means THE BALL THAT GOT DHONI RUNOUT WOULD HAVE BEEN A FREE-HIT & things could have been different‍♂️Legit? #INDvNZ #CWC2019https://t.co/QsVJWB1zRI— Abhisek Dash (@12guddu92) July 10, 2019In response to this claim, many fans stated that if Dhoni knew that it was a no-ball then Dhoni would not have tried to take a double as it would have been a free-hit the next ball.One of the fans wrote on twitter, ” NZ had 6 fielders outside the 30-yard circle but only 5 are permitted, as per the rules,of the BALL BEFORE DHONI WAS OUT Which means THE BALL THAT GOT DHONI RUNOUT WOULD HAVE BEEN A FREE-HIT & things could have been different.”India lost the match to the Black Caps as India’s top-order collapsed too cheaply after which Dhoni and Jadeja tried their level best. But the damage was already made and the Kiwis emerged victorious. They will meet the winner of the Australia-England semi-final at Lords on July 14.last_img read more


Photographer Turns A Source Of Debate Into His Source Of Inspiration

first_img To embed this piece of audio in your site, please use this code: X 00:00 /01:22 Amy BishopPhotographer Ferrell Phelps with several photographs included in his Freedmen’s Town Documentary Project.In one of Ferrell Phelps’ photographs, a muscular African-American man dressed in tattered clothing is on his hands and knees. His face shows anguish as he crawls across the ground paved with red bricks. “Basically, in this image, you’re just seeing the struggle to hold on to the bricks, which is one of the few remaining remnants in the Freedmen’s Town community,” says Ferrell Phelps, the creator of the Freedmen’s Town Documentary Project.The collection of photos reimagines scenes from the neighborhood since its founding in the 19th century.  Some of the characters are dressed as slaves, but others are in mid-20th century attire reminiscent of the Civil Rights era. The inspiration came after the push to preserve the brick-paved streets in the Fourth Ward a couple of years ago.Phelps has a personal connection to Freedmen’s Town; his great grandparents lived just behind it. Recreating scenes of history is his way of preserving it.“It’s a very interesting story,” he says. “Through the gift of photography, I wanted to chronicle life as it was for those former slaves because so much of the community is gone.”Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner attended the project’s recent unveiling at the Ensemble Theatre in Midtown. He announced that the exhibit is going to be one of the city’s featured tourist attractions during Super Bowl 2017. Listen Sharelast_img read more


Classical connection

first_imgThe 22nd Sangeet Martand Ustad Chand Khan Music Festival is all set to take Delhiites on a classical treat. The festival will commence on March 3 – 4 at Kamani auditorium. The Sursagar Society of Delhi Gharana, spearheaded by the head or khalifa of the gharana, Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan, is celebrating its platinum jubilee. For more than seven decades now, Sursagar Society of Delhi Gharana has successfully held music festivals not only in Delhi but in other parts of India as well. The Society, which runs from the aptly named Mosiqui Manzil in Darya Ganj, takes particular pains to spread interest in Hindustani music among the youth of the country.  Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’This festival will feature some of the leading Hindustani classical vocal maestros to represent an opportunity for music lovers of the city to connect with the richly resonant art of music. This festival will also resonate a musical spirit and would definitely draw music connoisseurs from far and wide. Spurred by the success of the previous events, this celebration this year is intended of be greater than previous year. This year’s festival features some of the leading Hindustani classical vocal maestros, the organisation’s general secretary, Iqbal Ahmed Khan, knows how to move with the times. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixThe festival will be inaugurated by the Mahesh Sharma, Minister of State for Ministry of Culture. Launch of  Safal Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan Anthem composed by Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan will also take place at the event. Other eminent performers at the event include Shubha Mudgal, Rajan and Sajan Mishra and Ajoy Chakraborty.The opening day of the festival will see performances by students of Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan presenting  Safal Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan, recital by Ustad Iqbal Ahmed Khan and recital by Pandit Rajan and Pandit Sajan Misra.  The next day of the festival will witness performances by young talent Vivek Prajapati, recital by Vidushi Shubha Mudgal, recital by Pandit Ajoy Chakraborty. Since 1986, an important part of Sursagar’s annual festival has been the conferment of the Ustad Chand Khan Lifetime Achievement Award to renowned artists for their outstanding contribution to art and culture. This year’s Lifetime Achievement Award is being conferred on Kathak maestro Pandit Birju Maharaj. Another notable project of the Society is its Amir Khusro Institute of Music, where free musical training is provided. Since the khalifa of the gharana is adept at a number of classical forms, including Ghazal, Thumri, Dadra, and others, the institute offers training in a range of forms.last_img read more


International theatre festival to dazzle Delhiites

first_img20th Bharat Rang Mahotsav (BRM), the largest theatre festival in Asia, organised by the National School of Drama (NSD), is all set to bring its bouquet of plays, interactive sessions, and other cultural events to cheer up the winter afternoons of theatre enthusiasts in the city.The international theatre festival will commence in New Delhi on February 1, 2019, and culminate on February 21, bringing a diverse range of productions comprising 111 shows and allied events such as ‘Director’s Meet’, ‘Living Legend’, and ‘Master Class’. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThe inaugural ceremony will be held at Kamani auditorium on February 1, followed by the performance of ‘Karanth Ke Rang’, directed by Amod Bhatt. The 50-minute long performance is a medley of songs composed by late B V Karanth, a stalwart of Kannada and Hindi theatres. The festival, which enters its 20th edition this year, is celebrating the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. Four plays will be staged on the life, philosophy, and principles of the ‘Father of the Nation’. The festival will host 69 Indian and 15 foreign plays across India, selected after screening. Additionally, nine folk productions, five plays by NSD diploma students, one production from the Sikkim center of NSD, three plays by the NSD Repertory as well as five invitee plays by eminent theatre practitioners will captivate the theatergoers across India. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThe 21-day long festival this year will include plays in Hindi, English, and other regional languages. International productions from countries such as Bangladesh, Poland, Russia, Sri Lanka, the Czech Republic, Italy, Nepal, Romania, and Singapore as well as non-verbal, folk, and multi-lingual performances will enthrall the audience during the theatrical spectacle. The performances in New Delhi will be held at Bahumukh and Chahumukh (7:30 PM), Open Lawn (6:00 PM), and Abhimanch (8:30 PM) at the NSD’s Bahawalpur House campus as well as nearby Sri Ram Centre (4:00 PM), LTG (5:30 PM), and Kamani (7:00 PM) auditoriums. Apart from the spellbinding performances and interaction with eminent personalities from the world of theatre, the festival will also have two international and two national seminars on theatre. Besides, the NSD campus will be abuzz with street plays, ambiance shows, and ‘Theatre Bazar’, a motley of stalls offering a range of products and culinary delights. The youth forum shows will comprise performances by dramatic societies of nearly 50 colleges in Delhi while ambiance performances will bring folk dance and other traditional performing art forms. “The art of theatre is the oldest and the strongest medium that conveys human emotions in a manner that defies temporal boundaries. We are delighted to usher in the Bharat Rang Mahotsav to its 20th year and have made all efforts to bring a selection of quality plays, choosing the best out of 960 submissions. There are 9 folk performances being presented in Delhi as well as invitee plays and productions in regional languages. We have tried to accommodate as many young theatre enthusiasts as we can since the institution aims to foster the growth of young talents through the platform of BRM,” said Suresh Sharma, Director In-charge, National School of Drama (NSD). “Theatre is a celebrated art form across the world and I am happy that this festival gives us a chance to witness many of the plays which have received critical acclaim globally. BRM aims at bringing together people and hence, we have spread the festival across the country so that theatre reaches more and more people. BRM has been a very successful festival attracting a lot of audiences, including first-timers and we hope a similar run this year too,” says Dr Arjun Deo Charan, Acting Chairman, NSD Society.last_img read more

Utility giant says sorry to residents after SIX weeks of roadworks leave

first_imgRoadworks began on Fawfield Drive and Newark Grove in November “We are sorry for any inconvenience caused to local residents and we will look into the issues raised by them. Every effort was made to minimise the impact on parking, with much of the work taking place in the footpath. Anyone whose gas supply was affected by our work should have received a letter beforehand.” Want to tell us about something going on where you live? Let us know – Tweet us @SOTLive or message us on our Facebook page . And if you have pictures to share, tag us on Instagram at StokeonTrentLive. The roadworks have blocked off an alleyway on Fawfield Drive that leads to High Street, in Goldenhill Neighbour Eric Shufflebotham, aged 86, said: “I have a friend who lives in this street who has a wheelchair and she can’t get in the street because the footpath is closed off. So she has to go over the grass to get to her house.” Cadent says the project has been ‘complex’. A Cadent spokesman said: “This work will ensure local residents continue to have a safe and reliable gas supply to heat their homes for decades to come. “Engineers have now finished installing the new pipes and work to fill in and resurface the excavations is underway. Priority is being given to excavations outside people’s homes and the link footpath between High Street and Fawfield Drive. This has been a complex project and we would like to thank people for their patience. Get the biggest Daily stories by emailSubscribeSee our privacy noticeThank you for subscribingSee our privacy noticeCould not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailUtility giant Cadent has apologised to residents living in two streets – after weeks of roadworks left them unable to park outside their own homes. Workmen started digging holes in Fawfield Drive and Newark Grove, in Goldenhill, from November 8 as part of essential gas maintenance works. But the work – to replace old iron gas mains with more durable plastic pipes – was still going on this week and has left holes in both roads where people usually park their cars. Now families hope the roadworks will finally be removed in time for Christmas when friends and relatives will be visiting them. center_img Fawfield Drive and Newark Grove in Goldenhill Jason Rowley and Zoe Holland, of Newark Grove, say they received no warning of the roadworks. Zoe, aged 31, said: “I haven’t been able to get dropped off in my street because my parents and taxis can’t drive up here. It has been really inconvenient, especially when I have to walk with my shopping. The workmen only seem to be here for a few hours each day and then they go. “The alleyway has also been blocked off and we use that as a shortcut to get to High Street. It has been inconvenient for the elderly because it means they have had to walk the long way round. I also walk to work and because it gets dark so early now it means I would have to walk an extra 10 minutes in the dark so I have to get a taxi home.” last_img read more