May 2020

James does not reengage

first_imgJames returned to Real Madrid this summer of his assignment at Bayern and has lived riding a ferris wheel. He had the discard sign hung around his neck (Zidane did not count on him in summer and had a foot and a half in Atlético, but the wreck of New Jersey 3-7 against Simeone aborted the operation), then excited as a signing (Zidane used him for the first time on the second day against Valladolid and gave him four titles in five games in which the player took the chest) to finish, between injuries and technical decisions, to evaporate. The last three months have not been easy to navigate for James. On October 19 he played his last game as a starter. It was against Mallorca and Madrid derailed. That hit left some wounded. Odriozola, Jovic and also James. That day his situation turned. His gray performance in Son Moix was followed by controversies and injuries that have led him to play only 24 minutes since then … James Rodríguez takes a step forward and another step back at Real Madrid. After returning to the call in the Super Cup and playing 13 minutes in the semifinal against Valencia, Zidane got off the train against Sevilla and was off the list without any medical part in between (he trained normally). The coffee maker It has not just been re-hooked and inhabits the harrow and the bench more than the grass. Meanwhile, his name is pointed on the agenda of several European clubs. Ancelotti continues to sigh to recruit the Colombian for ‘his’ Everton. With him was the best version of James in Real Madri. However, in the white club they rule out in January. After the reverse of Mallorca, Zidane only gave him 11 minutes against Galatasaray. Then came the trip to his country for his fatherhood and an injury (of which there was no medical part of the club) prevented him from playing against Leganes, Betis, Galatasaray and Eibar. The controversy flew over James in the last FIFA stop, where he went to Colombia without having worked with the group yet. Zidane was surprised when asked by James (and Bale) before the game against Mendilibar: “They have no injury, but they are not available. It is not a technical decision, they still do not train with the team and then they cannot play tomorrow.” The player traveled with his team. In the first training he worked without problems; Two days later, on November 14, he suffered an injury to the internal ligament of the knee that had more than a month in the infirmary. He was discharged on December 19, but Zidane left him out against Athletic (he only had three training sessions) and against Getafe (technical decision).Madrid changed a lot while James was down and now he has to row upriver to find a hole in the middle. Valverde exploded and became indispensable, Kroos rejuvenated, Modric regained vigor and Isco ended up being rescued by Zidane. Much competition has that of Cúcuta. Zizou He did take it to Arabia to play the Super Cup although he only gave it 13 minutes. Back to LaLiga, and despite having trained all week, James lost ground again and stayed off the list against Sevilla. The coffee maker does not leave the tail box: he is the 19th player in the squad in minutes (465 ’, 18.6%).last_img read more

Real Madrid sets the price of tickets to see the City

first_imgPrices on the sides First Amphitheater105150 PartnerPublic PartnerPublic Fourth Amphitheater6390 High Tier133190 Real Madrid has made public the ticket prices for the Champions League round of 16 match against Manchester City on February 26. Prices range from 60 euros in the fourth amphitheater of the two funds (for the general public, 42 for the partners) to 270 euros for the Tribunes of the two sides (189 for the partners) (SEE TABLES). That without counting the VIP tickets, which start from 650 euros. Grandstand189270 Fund Prices Second Amphitheater109155 High Tier102145 Third Amphitheater77110 Tickets can be obtained either through the club’s website ( or by telephone through the following numbers:VIP tickets: 91 398 43 77Partners: 902 244 824Madridistas: 902 324 324 Low Tier102145 Fourth Amphitheater4260 First Amphitheater168240 Low Tier133190 Grandstand119170 Third Amphitheater4970 Second Amphitheater84120 As usual, Club subscribers will have a preferential period to get their seats. This will begin on January 30 at 12:00 hours. The period for unpaid members will begin on Tuesday, February 4 at 10:00 a.m. For the holders of the Madridista Card, the shift will begin on Thursday, February 6 at 10 am, while For the general public, the shift will begin on Friday, February 7 at 10:00 a.m..last_img read more

Girona faces an end of time trial market

first_imgThere are several players that like it, but Jail is having a hard time negotiating. Pol Llonch of Willem II was a wish, but the high pretensions of the Dutch club caused other options to be looked at. And there appeared Christian Rivera, from Leganés. Although the Madrid club is reluctant to let it go until it finds a midfielder. TThe medium Luis Milla (Tenerife) also appears on a list of futures. None is easy to tie and Jail, in addition, is attentive to any last-minute opportunity that may arise among First teams. But it is not the only thing that worries the sports director of Girona and is that before entering, Some players must leave. It has been a long time to find an exit in the form of assignment to Santi Good. But neither the club nor the player, who is disputing the pre-olympic, have still received proposals that they consider good for the present. And Coris does not count for the end of the League, but in his case, the fastest solution would be the termination of the contract.In the last hours everything speeds up and in Girona they know it and are prepared. Because, in addition, there are players like Marc Gual and Álex Gallar who have good offers (the first points to Madrid Castilla and the second aims to Sporting) and do not see with bad eyes leave. And the rojiblanca entity would also not put excessive impediments because then they would appear on the scene Amath, of the Getafe, Y Pedro Porro, which is assigned in the Valladolid for him City. Both like sports management.Girona is not a club that has become accustomed to making excessive movements during the winter markets in recent seasons. But this course is different. The entity tries to ascend to Primera and, with what has been done so far, does not reach it. Jail is somewhat reluctant to sign in winter because experience has taught him that he is not always right (in recent years, the only player who has come to Girona in winter and is considered to have won) Pablo Maffeo) and hence the delay. LaBiga SmartBank* Data updated as of January 29, 2020 Girona is getting used to it, it is not always bad, but not excessively good, to stretch the periods of signings to the maximum. It is true that this winter could easily close the incorporation of Brandon (He already has three league games as rojiblanco), but the sports director of the Girona entity, Quique JailIt still has a lot to do. One of the priorities was to tie a defensive midfielder and it is eternalizing. Several names are handled, but the market is not simple and those who have been shot have not just had what the technical staff and the technical secretariat seeks to increase the level of the workforce. Everything indicates that it will be time to wait until the end of the market. Without a doubt, time trial negotiations will take place in Montilivi.last_img read more

1×1 Alavés: Lucas Pérez, stellar

first_imgXimo Navarro. Already play right back as central, is showing great solvency. Rivals are anticipated, steal important balls and join the attack by the band with a lot of self-confidence. He is at his best this season and the public thanks him.The guard. Kaiser of the defense, imperial. He deactivated Enrich and joined the attack to try to finish off the corner kicks and fouls. He ended up with a sticking plaster on his eyebrow which gave his superb performance even more epic. Either with Magallán or with Ely, it complements perfectly.Magellan. It seemed that Rodrigo Ely could return after his sanction for five yellows but Garitano rewarded the Argentine for his work in Seville. Very good in defensive work, especially head. Precisely, thanks to a stub, he almost scored with a shot almost at ground level.Duarte. Very good but suffering in the first bars with Arbilla boarding schools. He didn’t get much help from the bandmates in defense and had to multiply. Author of a great shot in the final stretch of the game, a left-footed shot that was almost high and that would have been 3-0 at that time.Manu García. It always seems that he will fall from eleven and always ends up playing. Piecework and kilometers of dedication. In the first part he could see yellow card because he chained several fouls in a row and in the second he was reprimanded for an ugly entry to Orellana. Pacheco. Very sure throughout the game, he could not do anything in the goal of Éibar. Well placed, with good footwork and leaving safely from your goal. The sports director of Alavés, Sergio Fernández, claimed the other day his internationality and the truth is that he was not wrong. Fejsa. It is very well placed in the middle center. Play ahead of the defense and life is not complicated. He steals balls and barely loses them. But he prefers to lean on the centrals when he is on his back than to take out the possession played. You will have many minutes for sure, especially when traveling.Aleix Vidal. He returned after not being able to play in Seville for the fear clause and he offered a lot throughout the game. Eibar’s spider web complicated his life but, for example, he actively participated in Burke’s 2-0. He has talent but sometimes he is required more in defensive tasks.Camarasa. He started from half a point behind Joselu and, in the second half when he recovered 4-4-2, he worked as a second half center with Manu. It has quality and it is difficult to lose the ball. It also adds to the attack actions and, sooner or later, will get some goal.Burke. Very active in the first part when his teammates were looking for him in the race for the band. It has an enviable speed tip. 2-0 author with a good shot in the second suit. He received a candid ball and hit it accurately. First both his and Alavés.Joselu. He did not finish much on goal but was instrumental in the victory of Alavés. Lucas’s goal comes after his pass and in Burke’s he passes the ball. It always helps in defense and, when the team clears head corners in defense, it is almost always the centrals, Manu or him who do it.Lucas Pérez. The star of the night. It is ringing to reinforce Barcelona but will not leave if the Catalans do not disburse 25 million. He entered the field to rest and, in less than a minute, got 1-0. Then he participated in the second and was a continuous nuisance for the armored defense.Edgar Mendez. Ovacionado on his return to Mendizorroza. It was offered at all times and had two overflow actions with impressive speed. His arrival and, especially that of Camarasa, offers the team some very interesting variants that Garitano surely takes advantage of.Martin. Last minutes to reinforce the defense with the score at 2-1. He embedded himself on the side and allowed Ximo Navarro to become the third center of a five-defense. He fulfilled his mission and managed to ensure that the Mendilibar team did not get the comeback at the end.last_img read more

Florentino Pérez: “In this decisive phase, the strength of Real Madrid will be vital”

first_imgThe maximum president of Madrid said in his speech with which opened the renewal of the Mahou sponsorship agreement with the Real Madrid, the successes that the football and basketball section has already achieved in this campaign and asked for the full support of the fan.“In football we have already won the Spanish Super Cup and, in basketball, also the Spanish Super Cup and the Copa del Rey. Three titles in what that we have in season which are our greatest stimulus to continue aspiring to new triumphs “.“Here are representatives of several generations of Real Madrid who have achieved everything with this shield. Have transmitted and they will continue transmitting to all who dress and will wear this shirt that Real Madrid never gives up “, said in an act that had the presence of players like Casemiro and Fede Valverde.“Because this is the club of the 23 European Cups, thirteen of football and ten of basketball,” said Florentino Pérez in his encouragement to the team. Florentino Pérez, president of Real Madrid, asked Madrid for “strength” to achieve “every challenge” of this season, he said enters “the decisive phase” in which they decide all big titles.“Now we enter the decisive phase of the season, in which will follow the strength of Real Madrid being vital to achieve every challenge, even those that may seem impossible “, assured Florentino Pérez doing reference to the comeback that Real Madrid must face against Manchester City in the knockout stages of the Champions League after losing 1-2 in the Santiago Bernabéu.last_img read more

Palo de Messi: “We are surprised that the club tried to put us under the magnifying glass”

first_imgAt the time that Barça reached an agreement with its players to activate the ERTE that It will deduct 70% of the salaries of the footballers of the first team of Barça while the alarm state lasts, Leo Messi was writing a statement through Instagram in which he left a message to the board (“We are surprised that from within the club they tried to put us under the magnifying glass and tried to add pressure”) and gave a blow of effect when announcing that the players will make “contributions” so that Barça employees can collect “one hundred percent of their salary”. This is Messi’s official statement, obviously packed with content.“Much has been written and said about the FC Barcelona first team in terms of player salaries during this period of alarm. First of all, We want to clarify that our will has always been to apply a drop in the salary we receive, because we fully understand that this is an exceptional situation and we are the first ones who have ALWAYS helped the club when asked to do so.. Many times we have even done it on our own initiative at other times that we thought necessary or important. Thus It never ceases to amaze us that from within the club there were those who tried to put us under the magnifying glass and tried to add pressure to do something that we always knew we would do.. In fact, if the agreement has been delayed for a few days, it is simply because we were looking for a formula to help the club and its workers in these difficult times.For our part, the time has come to announce that, apart from the reduction of 70% of our salary during the state of alarm, we will also make contributions so that the club’s employees can collect one hundred percent of their salary for the duration of this situation.If we did not speak until now it was because the priority for us was to find solutions that were real to help the club, but also those who were going to be harmed the most by this situation.We do not want to say goodbye without sending an affectionate greeting and a lot of strength to all the culers who are having a hard time in these very difficult times, as well as to all those who patiently await the end of this crisis in their homes. Very soon we will get out of this and we will all do it together. Visca Barça and Visca Catalunya “.last_img read more

Moggi reveals Zidane’s pressure to go to Madrid: “I had to get him out of the locker room …”

first_imgLuciano Moggi, former CEO of Juventus when Zidane played for the Turin team, he was live in a Twitter talk on the Juventibus channel and revealed the pressure that the now Real Madrid coach made in 2001 to sign for the white team. The former manager confessed that he got to remove him from the locker room in a game to make it clear that either Florentino Pérez paid him everything he asked for him or he would continue at Juve.“I took Zidane out of the locker room after the game against Atalanta. He was pushing hard to go to Spain. I told him to inform Florentino Pérez that he would not let him go. So Pérez understood that in order to have him he had to give me a sum in which he would never I had thought “Moggi declared. Zidane ended up dressed in white after Florentino disbursed a record figure until then: 75 million euros (11,500 million pesetas). It is not the first time that the Italian has revealed anecdotes about Zidane’s transfer to Real Madrid. Days after signing the agreement, in the presentation of Thuram as the new Juve footballer, the then CEO wanted to make it clear to journalists that he was Zizou He was in Madrid because the Italian club made the decision to sell him: “Qhe wanted to stay at Juventus holding a role that would dissociate him from the club next year, and under the conditions dictated by him. But since the negotiations are made by society and not by the players, and since he has always expressed his desire to go to Spain, we have decided to transfer it immediately. It would not have been reasonable to have a player here knowing that next year he was from Real Madrid and therefore with his head already in Spain. This fact would have caused Juventus trouble. ” This transfer was the beginning of the idyll between Madrid and Zizou …last_img read more

Kyle Walker apologizes for his sex party in quarantine

first_imgDifferent English media brought to light information and photos about a party of a sexual nature of the defender of the City, ignoring the warnings of the authorities of confinement and social distancing to avoid the spread of the virus. The player himself published on his social networks the message of ‘stay at home’, but a day earlier he would have organized said party at his house. Manchester City player Kyle Walker apologized this Sunday after the news appeared in the media that he organized a party last week, in the midst of crisis and quarantine messages to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, while his club announced that it will open an internal file for the player. The English international issued a statement of regret. “I want to publicly apologize for my performances in my private life last week that have been in the press today“Walker says in a statement collected by Sky Sports.” I understand that my position as a professional soccer player brings with it a responsibility to lead by example. There are heroes out there saving lives and these weeks I have tried to support them and highlight their sacrifice. My actions go against what emergency confinement should beBut I want to reiterate the message: “Stay home, be safe,” he added.Similarly, Manchester City issued another statement in which he considered himself alluded to the acts of his footballer, against “club efforts to support health services in the fight against coronavirus”. “Kyle’s performance runs counter to these efforts. We are disappointed and will open an internal disciplinary record in the coming days,” the club said.last_img read more

“We don’t have to obsess over the return of sport”

first_imgJoaquín Caparrós went through the microphones of “The spar” of the SER chain to comment on the break in sport due to the coronavirus and his start as coach of Armenia.Return: “We do not have to obsess over the return of sport, that everyone recovers. When everything is solved then it will be seen, sport is now not the second” Interests: “It is showing that what prevails is the economic issue. It is sad”Selection of Armenia: “It is giving us time to meet the players, watch videos and their games. Most of them play in the minor leagues”Confinement: “I am with video calls, with the challenge of flour, the challenge of lemon … getting used to it like everyone”last_img

Klopp reveals that he drank so much that he does not remember the 2012 celebrations

first_imgNow along with several footballers who are members of those squads (Götze, Hummels) reviewed anecdotes of those celebrations through a telematic connection. During this talk, the German coach surprised and returned to reveal curiosities of what happened in the celebrations of the double season (2011-2012).“The way we celebrated it was very original. We had a great party. In 2011 I was very drunk, but in 2012 it was double, I don’t remember anything“said Klopp. And he wanted to send a message so that the youngest do not copy his example:”You can see what alcohol does to people. Don’t drinkotherwise you will lose the memories of the most important moments of your life. “ Jurgen Klopp made history with Borussia Dortmund. In 2011 and 2012 conquered the Bundesliga consecutively. The current technician of Liverpool already related in the documentary Inside Borussia Dortmund Amazon as it lived the celebrations of the first league, that of the 2010-2011 campaign. “I was really drunk and woke up in a truck inside a garage. I was alone. I remember it, but I have no idea what happened in the previous hours.”last_img read more