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House passes $2.2 trillion stimulus package

first_imgThe House has passed a stimulus bill that will aid the American economy as it attempts to deal with the effects of the coronavirus.The package was passed by a voice vote Friday afternoon and is being rushed to the President for signing.Both Democrats and Republicans placed party differences aside to help pass the bill in record time.“Today we’ve all acknowledged our nation faces an economic and health emergency of historic proportions,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said.The bill hopes to put $1,200 in the hands of most Americans who are now out of work or struggling in the current economic climate, bolster unemployment benefits, offer loans, grants and tax breaks to businesses, and put billions back into state and local governments.last_img

Wind Advisory: Storm Spurs Dangerous Conditions On SE Florida Beaches

first_imgForecasters expect increasing chances of rain today into Friday. A subtropical storm named Arthur is expected to start forming today could turn southeast Florida beaches into danger zones. The tropical or subtropical storm is forecast to generate dangerous waves and life-threatening rip currents along South Florida’s beaches before it starts producing rain. The tri-county area is under a wind advisory until tomorrow. Gusts could reach speeds over 40 mph.last_img

Bob and Doug Dock Dragon at ISS Live

first_imgDragon Endeavour has completed the first half of her round trip mission to the space station. Spacecraft Commander Doug Hurley and Joint Operations Commander Bob Behnken have “Captured the Flag” as the first crew to reach the ISS from the United States since the last Space Shuttle mission in 2011.Endeavour lifted off on a Falcon 9 rocket Saturday, leaving LC-39A at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida at 3:22 PM EDT (19:22 UTC). After a flawless ride uphill, Endeavour separated from Falcon 9’s second stage and opened its nosecone. This exposed the spacecraft’s docking port as well as an array of Draco maneuvering thrusters, and began the nineteen hours of tests and maneuvers to rendezvous with the ISS.last_img

Talented youngsters win South East Skills Final

first_img Rookie 9 to 11 yrs Rookie 9 to 11 yrs Name Ufford Park Golf Club Aylesbury Vale Golf Club Rookie 9 to 11 yrs Caiden Gant Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club West Herts Golf Club Tour 15 to 17 yrs Cranfield Golf Centre Barnham Broom Golf & Country Club Tour 15 to 17 yrs Tour 12 to 14 yrs Saskia Jones Khadeejah Khan Ben Franklin Ivy Rose Neary Langdon Hills Golf Club Three Rivers Golf Club Harry Wood Rookie 8 yrs & under Tour 12 to 14 yrs Heather Kielty Rookie 8 yrs & under Maddy Simpson George Fricker 8 Aug 2014 Talented youngsters win South East Skills Final Rookie 8 yrs & under Milly Woad Fairlop Waters Golf Club Clare Wilkie Nicola Dalzell Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club Ashley Chalmers Tour 15 to 17 yrs Rookie 9 to 11 yrs Chesfield Downs Golf & Country Club, in Hertfordshire, hosted 24 boys and girls for the England Golf South East Regional Skills Final, supported by FootJoy. The youngsters qualified for the event after competing in two National Skills Challenge events at their home clubs earlier in the year. The boy and girl winners from each age group will now attend the Skills Challenge National Final on Saturday 6th September, at the National Golf Centre in Woodhall Spa, Lincolnshire. They are: Rookie 8 years & under Jamie Burchell – Cranfield Golf Centre, Essex Saskia Jones – Farnham Golf Club, Surrey Rookie 9 to 11 years Harry Wood – Langdon Hills Golf Club, Essex Molly Dixon – Betchworth Park Golf Club, Surrey Tour 12 to 14 years Joe Platt – Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club, Bedfordshire Maura Burns Zaragoza – Fairlop Waters Golf Club, Essex Tour 15 to 17 years Harvey Platt – Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club, Bedfordshire Clare Wilkie – Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club, Bedfordshire Russell Lawes, FootJoy Marketing Manager, commented: “Everyone at FootJoy would like to congratulate those players who have managed to progress through to the National Skills final and wish them every success. “We have once again been delighted to support all players who have entered the skills challenge at the varying regional events and wish all players every success with the development of their golf game. “There is a perfect synergy between the National Skills Challenge and FJ’s The Mark of a Player mantra, by teaching the next generation of golfers the key fundamentals which will enhance their enjoyment and understanding of the game of golf.” The England Golf National Skills Challenge, supported by FootJoy, has over 850 golf clubs and 6,500 juniors registered to take part.   The Skills Challenge aims to make practice fun for young golfers and consists of 10 activities, which clubs run for their junior players. These support skill development and also provide encouragement to practice.  Golf clubs which run Skills Challenge events within two specific dates input their players’ scores onto an online leaderboard, which identifies the juniors who qualify for the regional finals. The Regional Final at Chesfield Downs Golf & Country Club turned out to be a real challenge, using the superb practice area, putting green and driving range facilities.  For further details on Chesfield Downs Golf & Country Club and their facilities visit FootJoy, the #1 Shoe and Glove in Golf, supports England Golf’s National Skills Challenge and kindly supplies products and prizes to all players who qualify for the Regional and National Finals. For more information on the National Skills Challenge please click here. Please find below a list of all participating players from the South East Regional Skills Final. Fairlop Waters Golf Club Farnham Golf Club Ufford Park Golf Club Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club Aspley Guise & Woburn Sands Golf Club Harvey Platt Maura Burns Zaragoza Rookie 9 to 11 yrs Molly Dixon Joe Platt JR Ellis Patrick Arundel Tour 12 to 14 yrs Rookie 9 to 11 yrs Rookie 8 yrs & under Tour 12 to 14 yrs Tour 12 to 14 yrs Tour 15 to 17 yrs Grace Fricker Boyce Hill Golf & Country Club Costessey Park Golf Club Rookie 8 yrs & under Tour 15 to 17 yrs Rookie 8 yrs & under Jamie Burchell Age Category Farnham Golf Club Joshua Robertson Golf Club Barnham Broom Golf & Country Club Tour 12 to 14 yrs Tour 15 to 17 yrs Ufford Park Golf Club Betchworth Park Golf Club Dylan Green Three Rivers Golf Club Will Bradfield Deangate Ridge Golf Club Boyce Hill Golf & Country Clublast_img read more

Inside Conditions…Delusional

first_imgAUBREY BRUCE Last Sunday night was the official beginning of fall and the Halloween season for the Pittsburgh Steelers and Steelers nation. Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger officially donned his Peewee Herman costume and played like he was in the playground at pre-K.  I am in my snitchin’ mood. I am, I gotta, I refuse not to tell it.What is wrong with these P-burgh scribes?  A few of them have become linguistic alchemist’s using and twisting the English language to misinform and distort  the truth into nothing but…well, you know.Gene Collier of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette had the nerve to title his Monday morning column; titled; “No more leaning on Big Ben.”  As far as I am concerned, “Big” Ben Roethlisberger resembled the “Leaning Tower of Pisa” far more than he looked like a top fight NFL quarterback based on his Sunday night performance against the Chicago Bears.As of Monday the Steelers were the 26th ranked offense in the NFL and the 7th ranked overall defense.  It appears to me that the team is leaning on the defense…not Ben Roethlisberger. The defense is forced to nullify or at least help cancel out negative decisions and plays that the Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback makes game after game and year after year.Collier had the nerve to spew out this bit of mis-info, “So it’s no longer correct to scream about the Haley offense failing to produce points. Sunday night it pounded out about 44, 23 of its own and essentially 21 of the opposition’s.” Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley did not fumble away the football almost guaranteeing  the “Chi-town” Bears victory. Collier also had this to say.  “All the truths we hold as self evident in the floundering season of 2013 were on display again for the bemusement of NBC’s national Sunday night audience.”Well maybe just, just maybe; the truth is nowhere self evident to Gene Collier because judging by his self-centered and slanted assessment of the game; the actual distance from his mind and the truth may be farther than the distance between Earth and the planet Pluto. The only thing that is and has been floundering is Ben Roethlisbeger.What is up with this media love affair with Ben “do no wrong” Roethlisberger.  There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with Todd Haley or his offense.  Roethlisberger has held the ball far too long from his rookie year to the present. “Big Ben” could be playing behind an offensive line with five All-Pros but he can’t continue to hold onto the ball as if it was a magnet extracted from an MRI machine. How many overthrows, under-throws and no throws plus fumbles were committed by this man who the Steelers have to lean on, game after game?If the Steelers have to lean on him that is relative to two “four legged” people using one crutch. Or as we used to say; “like a pegged, legged centipede.” Some people pretend just not to know any better. This is the last of the info freely given by Monsieur Collier describing the current makeup of the men of steel; He had this to say. “Maybe this will all look better if they pick it up and put it on another continent. Maybe in London the Todd Haley offense will finally make sense, being accustomed as it is to the fog ’n ’at, right?Maybe London seems like a long way to go just to have Adrian Peterson run up 150 yards against you, but few would disagree today that the Steelers might as well leave the country for a little while rather than try to impersonate an NFL team in these United States.” How would Gene Collier feel if someone said or wrote that he was a football writer impersonator? There are many reasons that the Pittsburgh Steelers are in a rut and the main reason is not the defense. Folks had better get off the soapbox and wash their filthy and dishonest trains of thought.Alan Robinson from the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review wrote; “They rallied behind the Ben Roethlisberger-to-Antonio Brown passing combination to get within four points midway through the fourth quarter, but two late Bears touchdowns secured Chicago’s 40-23 victory.” How did the Bears get two late touchdowns and what was the circumstances preceding those touchdowns? Rallied, rallied what you talkin’ about Willis? Rallied. Even some of the most notorious arsonists in history stuck around to gaze with admiration at their handiwork before they lent a smudged hand to attempt to snuff out the blaze.Ya can’t finish any game anytime anywhere unless you have the football.  You can’t fumble, bumble and stumble the football and expect the opposing team not to take advantage of your miscues.  If Ben Roethlisberger plays a mistake free game, then guess what? In all probability, the Steelers win the game. The Temptations once had a hit song titled, “Just My Imagination” (running away with me).  It appears to me that the imagination of some of those who cover the Steelers is not just running away, it has crossed the finish line.(Aubrey Bruce is at: 412-583-6741.) Follow @NewPghCourier on Twitter us at our mobile app at read more

Column: NBA still must deal with the race issue

first_imgIn this Jan. 8, 2014, file photo, then-Cleveland Cavaliers forward Luol Deng talks with reporters after practice in Independence, Ohio. Atlanta Hawks general manager Danny Ferry has been disciplined by CEO Steve Koonin for making racially charged comments about Luol Deng when the team pursued the free agent this year. (AP Photo/Mark Duncan, File)ATLANTA (AP) — While the NFL was rightfully being hammered over turning a blind eye to domestic violence, the NBA got a bit of a pass on its latest brouhaha.No longer.Training camps are starting up around the NBA, so it’s time to ask a blunt question: Does the league celebrated for its diversity and inclusiveness actually have a race problem?Any thought that Donald Sterling was just an isolated case of bigotry was quickly erased by a nasty situation in Atlanta, where racially charged comments made by both a co-owner and the general manager have left the Hawks mired in turmoil.On Friday, team officials met with civil rights leaders at Philips Arena, while Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed was in New York to huddle with NBA Commissioner Adam Silver over the future of the Hawks.Silver, who acted so decisively in running Sterling out of the league after the Los Angeles Clippers vile owner was recorded telling his girlfriend he didn’t want Blacks at his games, faces a more complex predicament when it comes to the Hawks.This could be an even bigger test for the rookie commissioner, who has faced some mighty big challenges since taking over for David Stern in February.There’s no easy escape plan for the Atlanta problem, no Steve Ballmer waiting in the wings to pay whatever it takes to purchase the franchise of a disgraced owner. In this case, Bruce Levenson, who agreed to sell his share of the Hawks after the revelation of a 2-year-old email in which he complained about the fan base having too many African-Americans and not enough Whites.Also, what to do with general manager Danny Ferry? He remains on a leave of absence after casually tossing around horrific racial stereotypes while discussing the pros and cons of signing free agent Luol Deng.The NBA caught a break in this whole mess, the headlines dominated in recent weeks by Ray Rice and the NFL’s domestic abuse scandal. But the Hawks case should be at least as alarming to the NBA as Sterling’s racist blathering in a private setting, caught by a scheming girlfriend and her recorder.Levenson put his feelings in writing and sent them to Ferry and the other team owners (none of whom, it must be noted, were offended enough to do anything about it in 2012). Ferry was on a recorded conference call with the ownership group when, as the story goes, he read from a scouting report that said Deng has “some African in him” and went on with some nonsense comparing him to a store that looks legitimate out front but sells counterfeit goods in the back.“It is troubling that it could happen in the workplace,” said Richard Lapchick, founder of The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports at the University of Central Florida. “I think teams really need to adopt a zero-tolerance policy for anything that would smack of racism or sexism or homophobia.”Going by the example he set in the Sterling case, Silver would have already made it clear that someone like Ferry has no place in the NBA, or at least deserve some serious time on the sidelines.Instead, it looks like the wheels are in motion for Ferry to return at some point this season.Early on, Silver said he didn’t think the GM deserved to lose his job. This week, Hall of Famer Magic Johnson met privately with Ferry and changed his previous stance that a firing was in order. Even Deng, who signed with the Miami Heat, said Friday that he has forgiven Ferry and doesn’t think he’s a racist.But before we all give him a pass, the commissioner needs to address some very real issues, such as:— When the Hawks and the NBA announced that Levenson was selling his share of the team, why didn’t they bother to say the whole thing came to light because of an internal investigation into Ferry’s comments this past summer?— If Ferry was merely repeating someone else’s assessment of Deng, who wrote the offensive scouting report?— Why would Ferry feel comfortable enough to repeat those comments in such an official setting, even if they weren’t his own?— Does it even matter if Ferry was reading someone else’s words? Aren’t all stereotypes passed along in one way or another? Would Sterling have deserved a break if he had claimed he was merely repeating views he heard as a child?Lapchick, whose annual reports on racial and gender equality have always given the NBA the highest marks of any professional league, said he’s confident Silver will do the right thing.“If this happened in any other league, I would be more concerned,” Lapchick said Friday in a telephone interview. “But because it’s the NBA, with its record across the board in hiring practices and progressive policies and getting teams working in the communities … all that is a counterweight.”Fair enough.But Silver must act, thoroughly and completely, before clearing the way for Ferry’s return — or, if called for, firmly instruct the Hawks to go in a different direction.Even more than giving Sterling the heave-ho, that might be the best way for Silver to really prove racism has no place in his game.___Paul Newberry is a national writer for The Associated Press. Write to him at or at read more

Chamber Launches Math Scavenger Hunt for Students

first_imgFacebook0Tweet0Pin0To celebrate math month in April, Chamber members are offering fun and prizes at various locations as students apply math to real work applications.The Thurston County Chamber’s Education Committee is pleased to announce “Math for Life.” This is an education program designed to actively engage students in real-world math applications during April’s “Math Awareness Month.”The Chamber is hosting a Scavenger Hunt where student’s will be asked grade-level math questions and learn how math is used at various member businesses.Students get their map stamped at each location qualifying for a chance to win great prizes (which are still needed!).Contact Tami Palmer for more information, for your organization to participate or to donate a prize – tami@wois.orglast_img read more

Disposal of Storm Related Debris

first_imgSites:Griffin Athletic Fields (parking lots),  6924 41st Avenue NWBurfoot Park, (front entrance parking lot),  6927 Boston Harbor Road NEKenneydell Park,  (ball field parking lot),  6745 Fairview RoadWaste and Recovery Center (WARC), 2418 Hogum Bay Road NE (residential customers – no fee, Landscape businesses or Commercial haulers will be charged their regular fee).  (Please also note- City of Lacey residents are directed to take their debris to the WARC at no charge)Rainier, (vacant lot behind Rainier Market) corner of Minnesota and Rochester Streets.Sargent Road Gravel Pit, 16500 Sargent Rd. SWCounty residents are urged to drop off materials at the WARC if possible.  Please note- the drop off sites are for residential storm-related debris only!Hours & Times for Drop Off:All sites for disposal will be open for drop-off of material  beginning Wednesday, January 25, 2012 through Wednesday, February 29, 2012WARC – regular business hours – Monday to Friday 7 a.m to 5 p.m.  Saturday and Sunday 8 a.m to 5 p.m.All other sites – 7 days a week – 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Olympia- Thurston County residents, who have woody debris from the recent storms on their property, can drop it off at several locations.  Beginning Wednesday, debris such as tree limbs can be dropped off free of charge at the following locations- Types of Material:Woody “Storm Debris Only” which includes tree branches and trees.Absolutely no garbage will be accepted!!Other Methods for Debris Management:We encourage neighborhood associations to identify open areas within their developments for disposal of storm debris in lieu of placing material in the right-of-way or at the curb.Rural Right-of-Way collection.  County staff will be collecting storm debris from the road right-of-way in the unincorporated areas through Wednesday, February 29, 2012  City residents should contact their jurisdiction.Customers will need to have their woody “Storm Debris Only” material to the curb prior to that date for collection.   Absolutely no garbage will be accepted.Right-of-way means: 1) off the edge of pavement (not on the road way), 2) back of ditch (do not pile or block ditch), 3) not on sidewalks.We encourage neighbors to help neighbors with the storm debris.center_img Facebook16Tweet0Pin0last_img read more

Olympia Beekeeper To Teach “How To” At Lacey Timberland Library

first_imgSubmitted by Timberland Regional LibraryYour yard could be humming with the sound of contented honeybees. Local beekeeper and swarm chaser Kellie Shincke will be at the Lacey Timberland Library from 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. on Monday, February 4 to walk people through the basics of backyard beekeeping and answer questions.Topics will include natural beekeeping, hive designs, bee friendly plants, bee feeding, and maintenance. Attendees will leave with a working knowledge of how to set up a bee colony and become a friend to bees and other pollinators.Ms. Shincke fell in love with bees when she set up two top-bar hives in her Olympia backyard a few years ago. She also learned the art of swarm capture and bee removal and now keeps over 15 hives of various designs. Shincke owns Working Girls Urban Bee Company and is an active member of the Olympia Beekeepers Association, a non-profit organization that provides education, training and support for beekeepers in Thurston County. Website: Lacey Timberland Library is located at 500 College Street SE. For more information, contact the library at (360) 491-3860 or visit Facebook36Tweet0Pin0last_img read more